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Breaking Brand: Cinnabon Sees $1 Million in Media Value from ‘Better Call Saul’ Placement

Hal Conick

AMC’s hit series “Better Call Saul” opened tight on the Cinnabon’s logo. Now, well into season two, the company is seeing huge dividends from its involvement with the “Breaking Bad” prequel.  ​


As AMC’s “Better Call Saul” opened for the first time, the camera panned in on Gene, a character played by Bob Odenkirk, whose nametag, apron and regalia indicate that he’s the manager of a Cinnabon. 

Set in black and white, the scene followed Gene as he makes the company’s famous cinnamon rolls step by step. For many, the scene was a peek into the new life of Saul Goodman, a beloved character from “Breaking Bad​” forced to change his identity. For Cinnabon, it was two minutes of un-interrupted TV time in front of millions, a boon for its marketing department.

A year and a half after “Breaking Bad” ended its white-hot five season run on AMC, the show’s anticipated prequel “Better Call Saul” aired for the first time. The show broke records, drawing in 6.9 million viewers, the most ever for a cable premier in history. It shattered the old record by 2.9 million people, according to Nielsen. 


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Hal Conick is a freelance writer for the AMA’s magazines and e-newsletters. He can be reached at halconick@gmail.com or on Twitter at @HalConick.