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3 Pitfalls of an Incomplete Customer Experience Strategy

3 Pitfalls of an Incomplete Customer Experience Strategy

Joris Zwegers and Dmitri Seredenko

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Insights from the AMA and Kantar’s customer experience surveys, and how organizations can more effectively allocate resources along the end-to-end customer journey

Despite the promise of customer experience as a strategic differentiator for brands, research conducted with marketers indicates that most organizations are not able to effectively leverage customer data and insights to drive CX development. Our research identifies three key pitfalls—no team to manage and measure CX, an incomplete view of customer journeys, and a failure to continuously monitor and share customer experience insights. Addressing these pitfalls may allow organizations to establish a fertile base for developing stand-out customer experiences.

Over the past few years, customer experience (CX) has become a cornerstone of business strategy and part of the cultural zeitgeist. We’ve seen the use of “customer experience” skyrocket (see chart below), as strategists have turned their attention to CX as a new frontier of business growth. We’ve seen a proliferation of roles within organizations related to customer experience ranging from chief experience officer (CXO) to CX manager and CX specialists.


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Joris Zwegers is partner, global research at the Consulting Division of Kantar.

Dmitri Seredenko is senior director at the Consulting Division of Kantar.