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doctor holding an x-ray

10 Lessons Hospital Marketers Can Learn From Loyalty Marketing

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doctor holding an x-ray

The popularity of retail loyalty programs has exploded in recent years, but hospitals and healthcare organizations have been slow to adopt them—partly because of concerns about patient privacy and HIPAA. But that’s starting to change.

As the value of a well-run loyalty program becomes more evident, hospitals are beginning to test loyalty strategies, most with the goal of anticipating needs and enhancing care delivery to increase patient retention.

A few good reasons to think about hospital marketing from a loyalty perspective:

  • Loyalty programs encourage repeat business. Healthcare is inherently a repeat business. When patients are rewarded for using your system or services, they’re more likely to use them again in the future.
  • You can increase volume by rewarding patients for referring others to your hospital or health system.
  • Patients in your loyalty program will engage with your hospital or health system more, and not just when they’re sick. If you include rewards like discounts on gym memberships or healthy food at local grocery stores, they’ll think about your system in a positive way when they tap into those benefits.

But of course, since it’s healthcare, there are things to watch out for:

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