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Building a Purpose-Driven Brand

11:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m. Central Each Day

Communicating the Purpose Behind the Product

The research is clear. Consumers are rewarding authentic, purpose-driven brands with more revenue, affinity and trust. This benefit is even more pronounced with younger generations, so the future is delivering purpose along with your product or service.

This virtual class will help you get on (and stay on) the right path for developing a brand that communicates its greater mission.

What’s Included

  • Four hours of live instruction over two days (starting at 11 a.m. Central each day)
  • Q&A and hands-on exercises

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to marry your organization’s heritage with purpose
  • Understand how leadership, narrative and relevance are essential to building followers not just customers
  • Gain the skills to understand if you’re on the right path to cultivate a purpose-driven brand

Who Should Attend

This training is great for CMOs, marketing directors and managers, communication leaders, senior communications professionals and reputation directors


Shane Johnston

Principal, Market Position Strategies

Shane’s 25-year career spans client and agency marketing roles. His expertise in campaign development and lead generation has delivered results for companies such as Lenovo, VMware, Chase Bank, the AARP, The Wall Street Journal, TruGreen and UNC-Chapel Hill. Shane’s client-side experience includes positions at Sprint, Mutual of Omaha, Methodist Health Systems and Nortel Networks. He is now Principal of Market Position Strategies, providing marketing consulting services to enterprise and higher education clients. He’s also a Partner in Firestarters Club, which provides consulting sessions for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Todd Coats

Associate Director for Brand and Creative Association of International Certified Professional Accountants​

Todd brings his 32 years of experience to create effective concepts and ideas for industry sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, higher education and retail. He brings an emphasis in brand building, integrated marketing, employee branding and digital advertising.  His experience ranges from working with large global corporations such as Deloitte, GSK and 3M to consumer-facing brands such as Cartoon Network, The Academy of Country Music, Hanes and Epic Games.

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Day 1 (All Times Central)

Section 1: Why It’s Important

  • What has caused this need for purpose?
  • Reputation and purpose for brands
  • Consumer behavior in the digital age
  • What does reputation and purpose get you?
  • Trends towards brands communicating more purpose

Exercise: “Brand maven mapping”

Section 2: How to Translate Your Brand Into a Purpose-Driven Brand

  • Clarity, discipline and consistency
  • Good companies give their employees something to work on. Great companies give their employees something to work toward
  • Examples of purpose in practice
  • How to listen and hear your audience. Being authentic means not asking your customer what you should be doing

Exercise: “Discover your why”

Exercise: What’s your one word?

Day 2

Section 3: How to Get People to Understand Your Purpose

  • What messages best communicate your purpose to your audience?
  • Simplicity matters and it’s hard to get to
  • Living beyond a mission statement
  • Make your mission verbs, not nouns
  • How and when you communicate impacts understand and belief – channels and media
  • Making authenticity actionable

Exercise: Practice advertising writing for different formats using real examples to start with the why

Section 4: How Do You Know if Your Message is Getting Through?

  • Measuring employee engagement
  • Measuring audience engagement
  • How does purpose-driven branding impact business and financial objectives?

Exercise: Bringing message, media and KPIs together

Building a Purpose-Driven Brand