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Virtual Conference: Data & Analytics

Marketers have access to plenty of data, but they often struggle to know how to use it effectively.

Join us for this free 2-day virtual conference where you’ll gain insights into creating a data-driven marketing strategy that builds engaging campaigns and outranks competitors. More details to come!

Registration for this virtual conference is free to all attendees.

By attending this event, you can earn continuing education units (CEUs) toward maintaining any AMA Professional Certified Marketer ® credential. Click here to learn more about pursuing certification or claiming credits.


Opening Keynote: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts

The marketing approach of most businesses is short-sighted—focusing too heavily on the point-of-purchase, and trying too hard to understand what everyone likes, rather than identifying and serving their best customers. But success doesn’t come from trying to appeal to everyone; in fact, 80% of revenue comes from cultivating 20% of the customer base. When it comes to driving profitable growth in the long-term, customer lifetime value can no longer be ignored.

In his debut book Converted, Neil Hoyne asks: what if you establish your business around long-term relationships with customers, using data to understand who the best customers are and what they want to buy, and then building around them? This accompanying talk shows you how to do just that, starting by shifting away from a transactional mindset to a relationship-based one. With a new mindset, you can begin to gather, interpret, and use data to grow the bottom line in a different way, says Hoyne.

Clear, non-technical, and filled with sharp insights gleaned from Hoyne’s decades of work in the field, this presentation is for anyone looking for a growth strategy that will propel their business forward with unambiguous results.

Neil Hoyne

Chief Strategist for Data & Measurement, Google

Marketing in a Downturn: Practical Strategies for a Powerful CX

In today’s financial climate, marketers and consumers are expected to do more with less. That said, it’s crucial that your campaigns aren’t tone-deaf and that you’re not only getting the most value for your marketing spend, but you’re also providing the most value to your customers. So how do we do that? Tune in to this insightful session with Tealium’s CMO, Heidi Bullock, to learn how to more effectively allocate your marketing spend and show your customers that you genuinely care.

You’ll also learn critical strategies like:

  • How to reduce marketing spend with a first-party data strategy
  • Ways to add more value to the customer journey without increasing costs
  • -Tips for expressing authenticity and better aligning business values with marketing messaging.

Heidi Bullock

CMO, Tealium


Keynote: Metrics that Matter: Demonstrating Marketing’s Impact to Business Outcomes

Marketers are expert storytellers. We are the best at telling our company’s story to the outside world and we know how to collect, interpret, and shape a narrative from market data so our story is relatable, relevant and inspires action.

Marketers are also historically bad storytellers when it comes to telling OUR story and the impact we make. We often struggle to capture and interpret the right data and deliver insights in terms our internal audience can understand, relate to, and believe in.

Leslie will explore some of the most common challenges marketers have when it comes to demonstrating business impact and coach you on how to avoid the most common challenges and stakeholder biases with practical, proven ways to show marketing’s impact.

Key takeaways:

  • Be inspired to harness your data-driven story-telling superpower to demonstrate the impact of marketing in real business terms.
  • Learn how simplifying the metrics you focus on, and shifting to an “in this together” approach will completely change the conversation with sales and executives.
  • Get a framework for establishing key marketing metrics that ladder up to real business outcomes – from tactical to strategic (and the most important things in between).

Leslie Alore

Global Vice President, Growth Marketing, Ivanti

The Data Cloud Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Marketers are tired of struggling to unlock insights from scattered data sources. With the Data Cloud, marketers can eliminate data silos, leverage advanced data science capabilities, and optimize marketing efficiency with modern applications from Snowflake’s partner ecosystem, ultimately resulting in personalized campaigns and increased revenue.

Join Snowflake’s Lourenço Mello in this session to learn about:

  • The unparalleled power of the Data Cloud in modern marketing
  • Modern marketing strategies from leading organizations
  • How Snowflake is using the Data Cloud internally to optimize its own marketing efforts

Lourenço Mello

Product Marketing Solutions, Snowflake

Leslie Alore

Global Vice President, Growth Marketing, Ivanti

Leslie is a strategic marketing leader with a passion for people, technology and problem-solving.

As the Global VP of Growth Marketing at Ivanti, Leslie oversees a performance-driven team of marketers focused on delivering leading-edge marketing experiences that help drive revenue growth.

Living by her philosophy of “always learning, always improving,” Leslie participates actively in her professional community as an Advisory Board Member of Demand Gen Report and is a member of both Chief and Women in Revenue. She can often be found sharing her insight guest speaker at industry conferences, webinars, and podcasts, and she nurtures others as well as herself as an active mentor and mentee.

Prior to joining Ivanti in 2020, she spent 7 years at Iron Mountain, working in multiple international leadership roles, including marketing operations, demand & field marketing, enterprise strategy, and product Innovation. She has held various global marketing roles in the data center industry with Savvis (Lumen), and in the research industry with J.D. Power and Associates.

Leslie earned her MBA from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in Troy, Michigan in 2014.  Home is wherever her dogs and husband are. She embraces “everywhere work,” and while you can sometimes find her home in Highland, Michigan, you might also find her enjoying other warm places around the world, spending as much time as possible hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and boating. When she can’t be outside, Leslie loves to cook, bake and practice yoga.

Heidi Bullock

CMO, Tealium

Neil Hoyne

Chief Strategist for Data & Measurement, Google

Neil Hoyne is the Chief Strategist for Data & Measurement at Google and the bestselling author of “Converted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts”.
Mr. Hoyne serves as a Senior Fellow in Artificial Intelligence at the Wharton School and on the Board of Trustees for Purdue University Global. He’s received multiple patents for his work in marketing attribution, customer lifetime value and experimentation, been published in notable outlets such as Harvard Business Review, and has keynoted hundreds of events in more than two dozen countries.

Lourenço Mello

Product Marketing Solutions, Snowflake

Lourenco Mello is a Product Marketer at Snowflake focused on solutions that help organizations deliver data-driven marketing with the Snowflake Data Cloud. Prior to Snowflake, Lourenco led the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Field Marketing priorities at a global level and developed and scaled the Azure messaging and GTM for the Manufacturing industry. Lourenco holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a Bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


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Virtual Conference: Data & Analytics