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AMA Digital Marketing Copywriting – March (Sold Out!)

Online | 6 Weeks | Small Group Learning

Create Impactful Messaging

Great marketing writers know that using the right messaging tailored to their customers’ needs through a specific platform can make all the difference in growing a business.

This small-group online training will help you build your writing skills by exploring the latest techniques and best practices in copywriting for the web — specifically social media, blogs and email.

You’ll learn how to drive action by using powerful, emotive copy and how to explain complicated or technical details of your products in accessible ways. We’ll look at how today’s leading companies use words to shape their brand, convey their purpose and motivate people to become customers. Plus, you’ll leave ready to write the perfect headline and produce content people actually want to read.

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What to Expect

This cohort-style Bootcamp is the perfect mix of live instruction and self-paced learning. The six-week program lets you focus on bite-sized chunks of programming so you can refine your skills, meet new people and watch your career gain momentum. Best yet, you’ll have equally motivated peers alongside the whole way to help share new ideas and push through challenges.

Weekly Assignments

Each Thursday, you’ll be given online assignments to complete and discuss with fellow learners. These assignments will prepare you for the live sessions so you can make the most of your time with the instructor and peer collaboration.

3 Live Classes

Your instructor leads the live sessions where you will discuss the online assignments, ask questions and learn about trending topics. The live sessions will occur on March 20, April 3 and April 17.

Who Should Attend?

This intermediate-level training is tailored for learners with some copywriting experience. If you want to go deeper into copywriting principles to sharpen your skills and write more effectively, this training is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the content marketing funnel and the role customer awareness plays in copywriting.
  • Identify how to create and analyze a customer persona related to understanding their pain points, desires and needs.
  • Create a brand voice and personality.
  • Write effective website copy for home pages, products and services and micro-copy.
  • Develop impactful email copy considering subject lines, body copy and using A/B testing.
  • Write effective long-form copy in the form of articles or blogs.
  • Create social media copy for newsfeeds, video and stories that drive people to action.
  • Understand the implications of accessibility in copywriting.

Prove your new skills! When you finish this program, you’ll get a certificate of completion to show your current boss and future employers your commitment to keeping your knowledge up-to-date.






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Adding AMA Membership is an Easy Decision

The discount for members on this training is more than the cost of membership itself! Why not join and also receive exclusive content, downloadable tools, unlimited access to AMA Journals, membership in networking communities and more.

Are you an AMA Professional Certified Marketer®️? This training is worth 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your PCM®️ certification.



Dive into the content marketing funnel and awareness stages, laying the foundation for this training. Plus, this is your opportunity to become familiar with the course platform!

The pre-work will be available on Thursday, February 29. 

Thursday, March 7 - March 13



Writing compelling copy relies heavily on understanding who your audience is so you can write to their pain points and needs. Learn how to create an audience persona and identify their pain points, desires and needs.

This week’s online content and assignment will be available on Thursday, March 7.

Thursday, March 14 - March 20



The language you use can evoke different emotions, and as a company, it is essential to understand your brand voice and how you want to portray yourself. Learn how to create your brand voice and utilize content pillars in your strategy.

This week’s online content and assignment will be available on Thursday March 14.

Wednesday, March 20 (CT)

Live Session

Virtually engage with your instructor and peers to discuss the content and activities covered in the first two weeks.

Thursday, March 21 - March 27


Website Copy

The copy on your website directly impacts the action your audience chooses to make. Learn how to write for the home and about pages, product and service copy, and microcopy throughout your website.

This week’s online content and assignment will be available on Thursday, March 21.

Thursday, March 28 - April 3


Email Copy

Email can be a great marketing tool, but with the number of emails sent daily, you must stand out to ensure yours gets opened and read. Learn how to write effective subject lines, body copy and utilize A/B testing.

This week’s online content and assignment will be available on Thursday, March 28.

Wednesday, April 3 (CT)

Live Session

Virtually engage with your instructor and peers to dive into a unique trending topic that impacts copywriting.

Thursday, April 4 - April 10


Long-Form Copy

Articles and blogs can go more in-depth than other forms of marketing, but they still require focus and structure to share the information you need. Learn about the writing process, headlines, and the building blocks of writing articles and blogs.

This week’s online content and assignment will be available on Thursday, April 4.

Thursday, April 11 - April 17


Social Media Copy

When you’re limited in characters and attention span, the words you use are even more critical. Learn how to write copy for feed posts, stories, and video copy, and consider the use of hashtags and emojis in accessibility.

This week’s online content and assignment will be available on Thursday, April 11.

Wednesday, April 17 (CT)

Final Live Session

It’s time to wrap up the six-week program! Virtually engage with your instructor and peers to discuss the content, assignments and most significant takeaways.

Will Francis

Will is on a mission to help marketers raise their game. He spent most of his career helping the world’s most loved brands and talent grow through social and digital media. A former member of the MySpace team during its 2000s heyday, he later worked in major ad agencies before founding his digital agency Harkable in London. Since 2016 he has turned his focus to sharing years of experience through media and live appearances while delivering marketing lectures for the AMA (US), Digital Marketing Institute (Global), UCD (Ireland) and CIM (UK).

He hosts ‘Ahead of the Game’, the Digital Marketing Institute’s marketing podcast, and is a published author of books about popular culture with Prestel (Penguin Random House). He lives in the Peak District in England with his co-author wife and two young sons.

Will the live sessions be recorded?
Yes, the live sessions will be recorded and available for six months. However, we strongly encourage you to attend live to maximize your opportunity for peer collaboration.


AMA Digital Marketing Copywriting – March (Sold Out!)