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Understanding Mask-Wearing Intention During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presented by: Ms. Serwaa Karikari, Morgan State University

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    Hannah Finkelstein

    Please provide feedback on Understanding Mask-Wearing Intention During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Mariea Hoy

    I like the idea of your study – it could be valuable for similar future situations.
    I think classifying individuals as “liberal” or “conservative” may not be the strongest predictor/descriptor of mask-wearing behavior. Other factors may be coming into play, for example – education level or profession. Where I live there is a high concentration of well-educated, STEM professionals, and conservatives (as in all three of these traits). We saw a very high level of mask-wearing in general and store-policy compliance.
    I think dichotomizing a variable such as political ideology is too simplistic to capture its nuances. Based on how you select your sample (i.e. self-identifies as liberal or conservative), you may get those who identify strongly with one side or another. The limited generalizability would hinder the contribution of your work to public policy. I would recommend assessing political ideology on a continuum and capture “moderates.” It’s possible to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal, so again – what are you really capturing by recruiting using these two terms?
    Further, I don’t think political ideology is at the core of “reasons to wear/not wear” as mask. I think there are stronger predictor variables.

    Serwaa Karikari

    Thank you for your feedback, Mariea. You raised a number of interesting points that we will definitely look into.

    Michael Basil

    I like your study and wish you luck with it. I am not as skeptical about the liberal-conservative factor as Marlea, based on what I have seen on protests and vaccine uptake across states. I think Trump politicized Covid and the categorization as a “flu” has stuck. The differences even appear up here in Canada where conservatives have been less likely to get vaccinated.

    Serwaa Karikari

    Thank you for your insights, Michael. Much appreciated.

    Jacson Combos

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    Naten Wiliams

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    Tyler Davidson

    And I loved covid time. No, of course it was horrible, in terms of people getting sick, but I loved being home all the time. I could stay home and have as much fun as I wanted.

    Robert Brown

    interesting info

    Sean Farell

    I haven’t changed much since the pandemic started. I’ve also been hanging out at home like you before. Particularly cool days were when I ordered that chocolate with magic mushrooms . Back then, I didn’t even need company to have fun and feel awesome.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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