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  • AMA Collegiate Case Competition

    This academic year-long competition unites elite marketing students to tackle a real-world business challenge provided by a sponsoring organization. It offers AMA students a platform to showcase their strategic acumen in crafting innovative marketing solutions.

    Format: Hybrid (Online and In-Person)

    Sign Up Deadline: Coming Soon

Competition Objective

  • As a team, develop and propose an innovative marketing strategy in response to a detailed challenge provided by the case sponsor.
  • Showcase your skills and creativity in this nationally recognized competition.

Competition Sponsor

Founded by Dr. Jagdish & Madhu Sheth, The Sheth Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support emerging scholarship in marketing which has significant global reach, societal focus and thought leadership.

Competition Process

  1. When sign-up opens, fill out and submit the Intent to Participate form. Each chapter may submit only one team entry.
    • All students listed on the form must have active AMA memberships. Students who are not yet members or in the process of becoming members will not be accepted on the form. Additional members can be added later as they join the AMA, your chapter, and your case team.
  2. After participant memberships are verified, AMA will send the full case to the chapter president and faculty advisor.
  3. Chapters must submit their complete written case, along with a copy of the signed contract/non-disclosure agreement and the Chapter Team Case Entry form by the specified deadline.
    • When crafting your chapter’s written case, ensure there is no mention of the campus location or any other identifying information that could reveal your school’s identity. Any case plan referencing the school name will result in point deductions.
    • Save your document files with the full institution name spelled out.
  4. Written Case submissions will be judged by a panel of professional and academic marketing experts.
  5. The top 10 Finalists will be selected and notified via email, with announcements made to the entire Collegiate Community in January.
  6. The Top 10 Finalists will be required to present in person to the Case Sponsor at the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

Entry Requirements

  • The collegiate case competition is exclusively open to undergraduate student teams from schools with an active AMA-affiliated collegiate chapter. Graduate students are ineligible to participate.
    • Non-AMA members are prohibited from participating in or accessing the case, as well as assisting in its development. Additionally, graduate student members are not permitted to contribute to case efforts. It is the responsibility of the collegiate chapter to ensure that all individuals involved in the case are active paid national AMA members.
    • AMA faculty members using the case as course material must ensure all course registrants are also paid national AMA student members. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

If you wish to participate in the competition but your chapter has not yet been established, please initiate a petition to start a collegiate chapter. For more information on starting a chapter or accessing the affiliation petition, please contact the AMA Customer Support Center at

Round Details

Round 1

Chapter teams will convene on campus to develop their full written case and submit their strategic plan by the designated deadline.

Following the submission deadline, all written cases will go through the Round 1 review process.


The top 10 chapters will move on to the final round and present in person at the AMA International Collegiate Conference (ICC). Each chapter’s presentation team can consist of up to 5 students.

How is the Competition Judged?

Round 1 (December)
Judges are made up of AMA Collegiate faculty and marketing professional volunteers with oversight by the AMA Collegiate Chapters Council.

Judging Rubric and Categories – A total of 100 Points:

  • Case Setup and Research – 20 Points Value:
    Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the case challenge and provides a sufficient overview of the situation through primary and secondary research.
  • Target Marketing, Positioning, Strategy and Objectives – 25 Points Value:
    Description of the target market(s) for the proposed marketing strategies. Development of positioning and overall strategy, as well as measurable objectives.
  • Tactical Implementation – 25 Points Value:
    The tactical plan should be based on the research and situation analysis presented. Proposed timelines and budget effectively communicated.
  • Metrics—10 Points Value:
    Identify the performance measures to be tracked and the benchmarks to be achieved to determine the success of the proposed marketing strategy and tactics.
  • Presentation and Q&A—20 Points Value:
    The presentation is professional in appearance and engaging. Presenters can effectively address the judges’ questions.

More info coming soon.

Competition Prize

More info is coming soon!


Do I have to be registered for the 2025 AMA International Collegiate Conference to participate?

Yes. To participate in Case, chapters acknowledge their intent to register for 2025 ICC. All chapter teams selected to move forward as finalists will be required to register for ICC by January 2025.

What should I wear for the competition?

Professional business attire is expected. Look sharp, as you want to impress the judges! Please remember to remove your name badge and avoid wearing attire that identifies a specific school.


  • Rules and deadlines (PDF) – coming soon
  • Top 10 Tips (PDF) – coming soon