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  • AMA Marketing Strategy Competition

    Receive a marketing challenge brief 30 minutes prior to your presentation time, and use your knowledge and experience to quickly present a case solution.

    Format: In-Person at ICC

    Sign Up Deadline: Coming Soon

Competition Objectives

  • Showcase your team’s innovative ideas, practical knowledge and effective communication skills.
  • Your team will receive a one-page marketing brief just 30 minutes prior to your presentation, requiring you to utilize your expertise to swiftly craft and deliver a compelling case solution.
  • Think quickly on your feet, applying your knowledge to devise a strategic marketing plan in real-time.
  • Present your oral case solution within a concise 7-minute timeframe, followed by a 3-minute Q&A session, all without the aid of visual materials. Remember, outside research, the use of devices, and AI to prepare your presentation are not allowed.

Explore this sample Marketing Strategy case brief and use it to practice!

Competition Sponsor

Competition Process

  1. Sign up when enrollment opens. Note: This is a team competition, with teams comprising a maximum of two students. Additionally, there are both morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) time slots for Round 1. Select the session that aligns with your schedule.
  2. Register for the AMA International Collegiate Conference. Note: Even if your chapter is still in the process of paying for ICC, you can sign up for the ICC competitions. All competition participants will be verified and confirmed before securing a competition spot.
  3. Once verified, participants will receive a confirmation email with further details.
  4. Upon arrival at ICC, competing teams must check in before their designated time slot. 30-minutes before their assigned presentation time, teams will receive a one-page marketing challenge brief. Teams are expected to address the marketing case challenge with realistic and actionable marketing mix elements.
    • You are not allowed to use devices, AI, or outside research to prepare your presentation.
  5. After the 30-minute preparation window, teams will deliver a 7-minute oral presentation to a panel of judges. Presentations cannot include visual aids and will be followed by a 3-minute Q&A session. During the Q&A, teams may confer amongst themselves before responding to the judges’ queries. Remember to remove your badge and refrain from using your institution’s name during introductions to prevent bias.

Entry Requirements

  • Exclusively open to undergraduate students from schools with an active AMA-affiliated collegiate chapter.
  • Each AMA Collegiate Chapter may register only one team, consisting of two students, to compete.
  • Students competing are required to be in person at the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

Round Details

Round 1: Half of the participants will compete in the morning (AM), and the other half in the afternoon (PM). Each team will receive the case brief 30 minutes before their presentation time. Teams advancing to the Finals will be announced during the Friday awards ceremony.

Finals: The top student teams will advance to the final round, where they will receive a new case brief 30 minutes before their presentation time. Winning teams will be announced during the Saturday awards banquet.

How is the Competition Judged?

Your team will be evaluated based on its innovative ideas, practical knowledge and effective communication skills.

  • The problem is understood and well-defined (10%)
  • Identify the target market in terms of segmentation variables (10%)
  • The team addressed strategic solutions and tactics for the marketing mix elements (50%)
  • The solution is realistic and actionable (10%)
  • The presentation was organized and communicated professionally (10%)
  • The team effectively answered follow-up questions (10%)

Competition Prize

More info is coming soon!


Do I have to be registered for the 2025 AMA International Collegiate Conference to participate?
Yes, participation in this competition requires registration for the ICC as it is held in person at the conference.

Can my chapter sign up multiple teams to complete?
No, only one team per chapter is allowed to sign up to compete.

What should I wear to compete?
Professional business attire is expected. Look sharp, as you want to impress the judges! Please remember to remove your name badge and avoid wearing attire that identifies a specific school.