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  • AMA Instagram Highlight Reel Competition

    Create a captivating and informative Instagram reel showcasing your chapter’s journey at the AMA International Collegiate Conference!

    Format: Hybrid (film onsite, submit post-event)

    Sign Up Deadline: Coming Soon

Competition Objectives

  • Produce an engaging and informative Instagram reel that captures your chapter’s journey at the 2025 AMA International Collegiate Conference, emphasizing key highlights, insights and experiences.
  • Showcase your chapter’s creativity, storytelling skills and the ability to condense complex information into a visually appealing and concise format.
2024 Instagram Highlight Reel Competition Winner: AMA UH – Main

Competition Process

  1. Register for the AMA International Collegiate Conference.
  2. Begin brainstorming your video strategy and planning process
  3. Film your footage during the conference
  4. After ICC, produce your reel
  5. Submit your completed reel via the provided submission form

This competition does not require your chapter to sign up in advance.

Entry Requirements

  • All participating chapters must have an Instagram account and must be following @AMA_Collegiate. Videos shared from personal accounts will not be accepted.
  • Video requirements:
    • Format: Videos must be uploaded in the Instagram Reels format.
    • Resolution: Recommended resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels (9:16 aspect ratio).
    • Raw File Submission Type: Please use the .mp4 format when uploading your raw file to the submission form.
    • Sound: Videos can include background music or narration, but it should not violate copyright policies. Provide source credit if using copyrighted music.
  • What can I use to record content?
    • Smartphones are only allowed. No professional cameras or equipment are allowed. Submissions using equipment other than a smartphone will be disqualified.
    • Upload your videos directly to Instagram
    • Tag @AMA_Collegiate
    • Use the hashtag #AMAICC and #AMAICCREEL
    • All video content must be original and produced by the students who are making the competition submission. Use of any video content produced by or obtained from a client, their agency partners, or other third parties will not permitted or accepted.​

How is the Competition Judged?

Content (Up to 5 Points Max)

  • Does the video engage and maintain your interest throughout its duration?

Creativity (Up to 5 Points Max)

  • Are there unique visuals, animations or innovative techniques that make the reel memorable?

Production Quality (Up to 5 Points Max)

  • Is the video’s visual and audio quality clear and professional?

Call to Action (Up to 5 Points Max)

  • Does the video include a clear and compelling recap of the ICC25 experience?

DEI (Up to 5 Points Max)

  • Does the video showcase diversity within the organization?

Competition Prize

  • 1st Place: Your chapter will receive one complimentary registration to 2026 ICC

Winners will be announced on the @AMA_Collegiate Instagram Page within one month of the submission deadline.


Do I have to be registered for the 2025 AMA International Collegiate Conference to participate?
Yes, participation in this competition requires registration for the ICC as you will capture footage in person at the conference.