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  • AMA Best Social Impact Video Competition

    Create a video to be posted on your chapter website, social media or a client’s website to help create excitement around a social cause.

    Format: Online

    Sign Up Deadline: Coming Soon

Competition Objectives

  • Produce a video to help highlight the social issues or causes your chapter is involved in, such as community service, charity work or sustainability initiatives.
  • The video should be usable by a non-profit client to promote their cause (rather than being a video showcasing your AMA chapter’s work for the cause).
  • Creativity and connection to the social issue are greatly valued!

Is there a “Common Cause” this year?

There is no AMA-selected common cause. Chapters may select any “client(s)” locally or nationally that they choose. This will allow you to submit videos for social causes you are already doing or are considering.

How does the competition relate to the Annual Report?

This style category mirrors the Recruitment & Social Impact category of the Chapter Plan/Annual Report, where “cause” is defined as: “programs and activities that demonstrate the chapter’s commitment to the greater Recruitment in which it operates (e.g., the larger campus community, the local community, national philanthropies) and the social impact of your marketing efforts make.

The Social Impact portion of the Annual Report counts for 15 out of the 100 total Chapter Award Competition Points. This section places primary importance on activities that use chapter’s “marketing skills”.

Entry Requirements

Video requirements:

  • Videos can be made in any quality that fits your vision (professional and smartphone).
  • The video is no more than three minutes (3:00) long
  • Only YouTube videos will be accepted and viewed by judges.
    • Upload your videos directly to YouTube prior to the competition deadline. AMA judges will not download or view videos from any other video platforms, and video links not associated with YouTube will be disqualified.
    • Share the full YouTube URL to your video(s) when submitting the URL link.
    • Chapters may use drones to make video content.
  • All video content must be original and produced by the students who are making the competition submission. Use of any video content produced by or obtained from the client, their agency partners or other third parties is not permitted.​
2024 Social Impact Video Competition Winner: Pace University – New York City

How is the Competition Judged?

Criteria: Video Content (Up to 20 Points)

The video clearly and succinctly communicates the relevance, the message of the social issue.

Content Relevance: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video clearly address a social issue or challenge?
  • Is the issue or challenge relevant and significant in today’s society?
  • Does the video effectively communicate the impact of the issue?

Clarity of Message: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Is the message of the video clear and concise?
  • Are the key points well-defined and easy to understand?
  • Does the video avoid jargon or overly complex language?

Storytelling and Narrative: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Is the video engaging and emotionally compelling?
  • Does it effectively use storytelling techniques to convey its message?
  • Are there memorable and relatable characters or stories within the video?

Engagement: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video maintain the viewer’s interest from start to finish?
  • Is the pacing appropriate, and does it hold the viewer’s attention?
Criteria: Originality and Creativity (Up to 10 Points)

Originality: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video present a unique perspective or approach to addressing the issue?

Creativity: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Are there creative elements such as animations, graphics, or innovative storytelling techniques?
Criteria: Production Quality (Up to 20 Points)

Video and Audio Quality: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Is the video’s visual and audio quality clear and professional?
  • Are there any distracting background noises, pixelation, or low-resolution issues?
  • Is the video well-edited with smooth transitions?

Visual Appeal: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Are the visuals engaging and visually appealing?
  • Does the video use appropriate graphics, images, or animations to enhance its message?

Narration and Voiceover: (1 to 5 Points)

  • If applicable, is the narration or voiceover clear and well-paced?

Length and Pacing: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Is the video an appropriate length, keeping the viewer engaged?
  • Is the pacing suitable, maintaining interest without rushing through important information?

Professional Tone: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video maintain a consistently professional tone throughout, using appropriate language, visuals, and messaging?
  • Does it enhance the viewer’s understanding of the content?
Criteria: Impact and Advocacy (Up to 10 Points)

Call to Action: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video inspire viewers to take action or make a positive change related to the issue?
  • Is there a clear and actionable call to action presented in the video?

Potential for Social Change: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video have the potential to make a meaningful impact on the social issue it addresses?
  • Does it raise awareness effectively and encourage constructive dialogue?
Criteria: Impact and Advocacy (Up to 10 Points)

Accessibility and Inclusivity: (2 Points)

  • Does the video provide subtitles or accessibility features for those with disabilities?
  • Is the content inclusive and considerate of diverse perspectives?

Deduction: Over The Video Time Limit (-20 Points)

  • Deduct 20 points if the video is over the 3:00 minutes time limit.

Competition Prize

More info is coming soon!