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  • AMA Outbound Sales Competition

    Enahnce your telephone and video conferencing communication skills.

    Format: Online

    Sign Up Deadline: Coming Soon

Competition Objectives

More info coming soon!

Competition Sponsor

Coming soon!

Entry Requirements

  • You must be an undergraduate, active AMA student member.
  • More info coming soon.

Round Details

Round 1

Round 1 is an appointment-setting call to secure an agreement for a follow-up conversation (3-minute call). Approximately 10-15% will advance to the Finals.


The Finals is a discovery call conducted via Zoom in which students conduct a Needs Assessment. The goal is to obtain a verbal commitment and agreement to a closing meeting (maximum 10 minutes).

The Finals Scenario will be emailed to students moving on to the final round.

Round Dates

Time slots for each round will be assigned after sign-up closes.

How is the Competition Judged?

Round 1

10% Approach: Effectively gains attention, professional intro and builds rapport.

40% Needs ID & Value Prop: Challenges with cloud transformation and brief value preview.

10% Objection Handling: Overcoming resistance and composure.

30% Communication Effectiveness: Pacing, articulate, concise, compelling and urgency.

10% Close: Persuasive in presenting a reason for discovery meeting.

Length of Call: 3 minutes max.

More info coming soon.

Competition Prize

AMA will announce winners at the AMA International Collegiate Conference. 1st Place, 2nd place and 3rd place will receive a Certificate.

Other Recognitions, including Honorable Mentions, Outstanding, and other placements, will receive a digital acknowledgment.


Can a chapter have more than one student participate?

Yes! Chapters can have multiple student members participate in the competition.

What should I wear for the competition?

Business casual – dress to impress!