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  • AMA Collegiate Website Competition

    Compete to boost your chapter’s online presence, recognizing the pivotal role of your website as a primary communication channel for both members and the public.

    Format: Online

    Sign Up Deadline: Coming Soon

Competition Objectives

  • Demonstrate your website’s aesthetics
  • Demonstrate your website’s content and functionality
  • Demonstrate your website’s engagement and other website elements

Entry Requirements

To enter the competition, your chapter must:

  • Be an active AMA Collegiate Chapter in good standing
  • Have an active Collegiate Chapter (or school) website link

Remember to ensure that your website remains current and updated even after submission. Judges will assess your website within a specified timeframe. Further details will be provided shortly.

While attendance at the AMA International Collegiate Conference is encouraged, it is not mandatory for eligibility to win.

How is the Competition Judged?

This competition will go through one round of judging by AMA Collegiate faculty and marketing professional volunteers with oversight by the AMA Collegiate Chapters Council. If the judging scores are close, a second round of judging will be executed to identify the top winners.

Aesthetics (25 points) 

  • Creativity, appearance, look, feel, white space, consistent font, use of visuals, judicious use of animation/flash/video/sound, etc.

Content / Functionality (25 points)

  • Is information and material worthwhile and useful to members? 
  • Is relevant information easily found within one or two clicks? 
  • Is the information up to date?
  • Are the URLs featured on the website easy to navigate?

Engagement (25 points)

  • Interactivity, integration of social media, opportunity to engage, etc.

Required Elements  (5 points for each below-required element)

  • The website uses correct AMA national branding where necessary​
  • Link to the AMA Support Center website (
  • Clear membership information on how someone can join the AMA
  • Calendar of events
  • Officer/board information

Website Accessibility

Show that your chapter cares about accessibility or that you are working to make changes to ensure no barriers prevent interaction with people with physical disabilities. This includes:

  • Providing appropriate alternative text for all images
  • Providing closed captioning for any videos used, as well as transcripts. If they are needed, be sure to include audio descriptions as well.
  • Following the appropriate heading level structure
  • Ensuring that your website is keyboard accessible
  • Ensuring that your color combinations pass the required minimum ratio

As a resource, visit the WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines that outline the different accessibility requirements.

Plan to have your website up and running during the Website Competition Judging period. Plus, don’t forget to plan early to include your chapter’s spring calendars too.

Competition Prize

More info is coming soon!