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  • AMA Best Recruitment Video Competition

    Create a compelling video that can be shared on your chapter’s website or social media platforms, aimed at enticing prospective members to join your chapter.

    Format: Online

    Sign Up Deadline: Coming Soon

Competition Objectives

  • Produce a recruitment video highlighting the value and excitement students can get from being involved in your collegiate chapter.
  • Highlight the experiences your chapter has to offer in a fun and engaging way!
2024 Best Recruitment Video Competition Winner: University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

How does the competition relate to the Annual Report?

Recruitment process is part of the membership portion of the Annual Report. Membership counts for 10 out of the 100 total Chapter Award Competition Points. This section places primary importance on activities that use chapter’s “marketing skills”.

Entry Requirements

Video requirements:

  • Videos can be made in any quality that fits your vision (professional and smartphone).
  • Videos are no more than three minutes (3:00) long
  • Only YouTube videos will be accepted and viewed by judges.
  • Upload your videos directly to YouTube prior to the competition deadline. AMA judges will not download or view videos from any other video platforms, and video links not associated with YouTube will be disqualified.
  • Share the full YouTube URL to your video(s) when submitting the URL link.
  • Chapters may use drones to make video content.
  • All video content must be original and produced by the students who are making the competition submission. Use of any video content produced by or obtained from the client, their agency partners or other third parties is not permitted.​
2024 Best Recruitment Video Competition Winner: University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

How is the Competition Judged?

Criteria: Content (Up to 20 Points Max)

Clarity of Message: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Is the main message of the recruitment video clear and concise?
  • Does it effectively convey what the organization is looking for in potential candidates?

Information Accuracy: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Are the details about the organization, benefits, and application process accurate and up-to-date?
  • Are there any misleading or incorrect statements in the video?

Engagement: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video engage and maintain the viewer’s interest throughout its duration?
  • Is the content interesting and relevant to potential member?

Alignment with Organizational Values: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video align with the core values and mission of the organization?
  • Does it effectively communicate what makes the organization unique?
Criteria: Creativity (Up to 10 Points Max)

The video is highly creative, using innovative approaches, visuals, and storytelling techniques that capture the viewer’s attention and imagination.

Creativity and Innovation: (1 to 10 Points)

  • Does the video use creative and innovative elements to stand out?
  • Are there unique visuals, animations, or storytelling techniques that make the video memorable?
Criteria: Production Quality (Up to 20 Points Max)

The video is professionally produced with high-quality visuals, clear audio, and smooth transitions. It demonstrates a polished and well-edited appearance.

Visual and Audio Quality: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Is the video’s visual and audio quality clear and professional?
  • Are there any distracting background noises, pixelation, or low-resolution issues?
  • Is the video well-edited with smooth transitions?

Narration and Voiceover: (1 to 5 Points)

  • If applicable, is the narration or voiceover clear, engaging, and well-paced?
  • Does it enhance the viewer’s understanding of the organization and job opportunities?

Length and Pacing: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Is the video an appropriate length, keeping the viewer engaged?
  • Is the pacing suitable, maintaining interest without rushing through important information?

Criteria Professional Tone: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video maintains a consistently professional tone throughout, using appropriate language, visuals, and messaging.
Criteria Professional Tone: (1 to 5 Points)

The video leaves a strong, memorable impression and effectively conveys the importance and urgency of the message. It evokes a strong emotional response and inspires action.

Impact of Message: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video leave a strong, memorable impression and effectively convey the importance and urgency of the message?
  • Does it evoke a strong emotional response?

Call to Apply: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video include a clear and compelling call to action for potential applicants to become members?
  • Does it provide information on how to apply and where to find more details?

Encouragement: (1 to 5 Points)

  • Does the video encourage viewers to take the next step in the recruitment process?
  • Does it convey a sense of excitement and opportunity?
Criteria: DEI (2 Points Max)

Diversity and Inclusivity: (2 Points)

  • Does the video showcase diversity within the organization?
  • Is the content inclusive and considerate of diverse perspectives?

Deduction: Over The Video Time Limit (-20 Points)

  • Deduct 20 points if the video is over the 3:00 minutes time limit.

Competition Prize

More info is coming soon!