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Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award

Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award

Charles Coolidge Parlin

The Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award is the oldest and most distinguished award in the field.  This award is given to leading scholars and practitioners in honor of Charles Coolidge Parlin who is considered the pioneer of marketing research.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 award. Click the button below to nominate.


To be awarded the Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award, distinguished academics and practitioners must have demonstrated outstanding leadership and sustained impact on advancing the evolving profession of marketing research over an extended period of time.  Specifically, this impact might be reflected in one or more of the following:

  • Exhibited leadership resulting in the effective use and value of marketing research and market based knowledge.
  • Developed and/or promoted new concepts, methods, or models for measurement and analysis that expand the capacity of organizations to achieve a better understanding of their markets, customers, and consumers.
  • Initiated creative integration of existing methodologies that resulted in more widespread use or appreciation of marketing research.

It is committee policy to evaluate a nominee three times – the year initially nominated and the following two years. Thus, individuals who were nominated for the 2022 and 2023 Parlin Award will be automatically considered for the 2024 Parlin Award and do not need to be re-nominated.

Application Process

Nominations are invited from individuals and marketing departments. The nominations should be submitted in electronic form and should include:

  • A letter (not to exceed two pages) summarizing the nominee’s contributions to marketing research over an extended period of time. Letters may focus on one or multiple of the criteria outlined above.
  • A current curriculum vita for the nominee.

Once the nomination period has closed, the selection committee will receive the nominees’ information. The committee will review and rank the candidates against the award criteria, identifying a small group of semi-finalists (no more than 4 individuals). The semifinalists will be asked to complete the following final step of the application process:

  • Nominees will accept/reject their nomination from the AMA
  • Nominees will have the option to add an additional personal statement (up to four pages) that speaks to their candidacy, and attach supporting documentation as deemed appropriate (such as writing samples, additional letters of recommendation, etc.)

The Parlin Award Committee will be asked to score the semifinalists based on the award criteria and to select a winner.


The Charles Coolidge Parlin marketing research award was established in 1945 by the Philadelphia Chapter of the AMA and The Wharton School in association with the Curtis Publishing Company to honor persons who have made outstanding contributions to the field of marketing research.

Established as a memorial to Charles Coolidge Parlin, who is recognized as a founder of marketing research, The Parlin Award is today a preeminent national honor.

Judging Process

A panel consisting of a mix of marketing experts will serve on the selection committee. All judges will be leaders and experts in the field of marketing with careers as marketing academics, consultants and practitioners.

Recognition and Benefits

The Parlin Award recipient will be recognized by the AMA Foundation.

AMA Foundation

As the philanthropic arm of the AMA, the AMA Foundation champions individual marketers who are making an impact in our profession and community.  We recognize marketing visionaries who have elevated the field, and we support the next generation of marketers who will transform the profession.

Past Winners

2023- Leslie Wood (Link to Announcement)2022- V. Kumar (Link to Award Ceremony)
2020- J. Walker Smith2021- Douglas Holt and Jerry Olson
2019 – Gerald Zaltman ​1981- George Katona
2018 – Peter Fader ​1980 – Daniel Yankelovich
2017 – Bryan Orme 
​1979 – Sir Frederick Alfred Laker
2016 – Michel Wedel
​1978 – John D.C. Little
2015 – Kevin J. Clancy​ ​1977 – Paul E. Green
2014 – Wayne S. DeSarbo​ ​1976 – Kenneth J. Whalen
2013 – Herb Sorensen​1975 – John Kenneth Jamieson
2012 – Greg M. Allenby ​1974 – E. Cordon Walker
​​2011 – Steven H. Cohen ​1973 – August A. Busch, III
​2010 – Jordan Louviere   ​1972 – Dr. Robert Ferber & David Ogilvy
2009 – Magid Abraham ​1971 – James W. Button
2008 – Vithala R. Rao​ ​1970 – Theodore Levitt
2007 – Ronald L. Tatham​ ​1969 – Robert J. Keith
2006 – Donald Lehmann​ ​1968 – Malcolm P. McNair
2005 – Howard Moskowitz ​1967 – J. Paul Austin
2004 – Jagdish N. Sheth ​1966 – Robert J. Keith
​2003 – Frank Bass ​1965 – George Gallup
​2002 – Rich Johnson & Gilbert Churchill ​1964 – Ray R. Eppert & D. Maynard Phelps
​2001 – John R. Hauser & William D. Neal ​1963 – Arthur C. Nielsen
​2000 – H. Paul Root ​1962 – Thomas B. McCabe
1999 – Glen L. Urban ​1961 – Harold L. Zellerbach
​1998 – Robert J. Lavidge ​1960 – Marion Harper, Jr.
1997 – Vijay Mahajan ​1959 – Charles C. Mortimer
1996 – Vincent P. Barabba & V. Seenu Srinivasan ​1958 – Reavis Cox & Theodore V. Houser
​1994 – George Day ​1957 – Peter Drucker
​1993 – Faith Popcorn  ​1956 – Frank Stanton
​1992 – Herbert M. Baum ​1955 – Thomas M. Evans
​1991 – Michael Porter ​1954 – Wroe Alderson & Donald M. Hobart
​1990 – Joseph M. Segal ​1953 – Robert Wood Johnson
​1989 – Philip Kotler ​1952 – Paul H. Nystrom
1988 – John L. Malec ​​1951 – David F. Austin
​1987 – Richard E. Hechert 1950 – Samuel B. Eckert
1986 – Wayne Lemburg ​1949 – Harry A. Bullis & Neil H. Borden
​1985 – Yoram Wind ​1948 – M. E. Coyle
​1984 – John A. Howard ​​1947 – Robert S. Wilson
​1983 – Frederick W. Smith 1946 – Edwin B. George
1982 – Paul L. Erdos & Arthur J. Morgan 1945 – George A. Lundberg