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Awards: Innovation, Technology and Interactivity SIG

Best Paper for Research on the Practice of Marketing as it relates to Innovation, Technology and Interactivity, sponsored by the Lazaridis Institute for Management of Technology Enterprises

The Lazaridis Institute at Wilfrid Laurier University has agreed to award an annual prize of $1,500 USD and a related plaque to the Best Paper at the AMA Summer Academic Conference, beginning in 2017;

The AMA TechSIG Lazaridis Prize is awarded to the paper that best, in the interpretation of the Prize Committee, addresses issues relevant to the practice of marketing as it relates to innovation, technology, and interactivity;

The nominated articles will be reviewed by a 5 person Prize committee to be determined by TechSIG Chair, including one representative of the Lazaridis Institute; all will be members of TechSIG.

Previous Winners

2020: Lambrecht, Anja and Tucker, Catherine E., Algorithmic Bias? An Empirical Study into Apparent Gender-Based Discrimination in the Display of STEM Career Ads, Management Science: July 2019, Vol. 65, Issue 7, pp. 2947-3448

2019: Donna L Hoffman, Thomas P Novak, Consumer and Object Experience in the Internet of Things: An Assemblage Theory Approach, Journal of Consumer Research: April 2018, Vol. 44, Issue 6, pp. 1178–1204

2018: Krafft, Manfred, Christine M. Arden, and Peter C. Verhoef (2017), “Permission Marketing and Privacy Concerns – Why Do Customers (Not) Grant Permissions?,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 39, 39-54,

2018 (honorable mention): Kanuri, Vamsi K., Murali K. Mantrala, and Esther Thorson (2017), “Optimizing a Menu of Multiformat Subscription Plans for Ad-Supported Media Platforms,” Journal of Marketing, 81(2), 45-63.

2017 (inaugural year): Cait Lamberton and Andrew T. Stephen (2016), “A Thematic Exploration of Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing: Research Evolution from 2000 to 2015 and an Agenda for Future Inquiry.” Journal of Marketing: November 2016, Vol. 80, No. 6, pp. 146-172

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