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Community Admin Login Instructions and Rules

Community Admin Login Distribution

The AMA Support Center provides community admin login info to the following community leader:

  • Professional chapters – president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, membership chair, and staff
  • Collegiate chapters – faculty advisor, president

The logins may be updated by the AMA Support Center on an annual basis and redistributed to new leaders at the start of each fiscal year (July 1).

Sharing Login Info With Other Community Leaders

It is up to each AMA chapter to determine which other leaders can share their community admin login info. To protect chapter and member data security, careful consideration should be given before making this decision.

Data Security Responsibility

Anyone receiving the community admin login must review the American Marketing Association Privacy Policy and abide by this policy when accessing and utilizing community member data.

Requesting Password Updates

If an individual AMA chapter would like its community admin password during the course of the year, they can request this by contacting AMA Customer Support.  Chapters should not make this update on their own, as this will cause unintended access issues.

Community Admin Login vs. Personal Login

The community admin login should only be used when performing the following operational tasks for the chapter or SIG, including:

  • Running and exporting community membership reports
  • Submitting community reporting
  • Identifying and removing student leader roles (collegiate chapters only)

Individual logins should be used for all other AMA activities, including:

  • Accessing membership benefits
  • Purchasing or renewing membership
  • Registering for events or activities
  • Updating profile information
  • Navigating the website