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Dues Reimbursement

New and renewing AMA members pay a flat annual dues rate. Membership includes one home community (professional chapter or academic SIGs), and members can add on an additional community for an additional fee.

The AMA Support Center collects all member dues payments. Professional chapter dues are deducted from this payment behind the scenes and reimbursed to the chapter. See Professional Chapter Dues Rates and Changes for more information on chapter dues rates.

Chapter dues reimbursements are delivered monthly to the chapter’s bank account via electronic fund transfer (EFT). Transfers typically occur around the third week of each month for membership payments made the previous month. To update a chapter’s bank information on file with the AMA Support Center, contact

If a chapter does not submit financial information on time as part of Professional Chapter Reporting Requirements, the chapter’s dues reimbursement will be held until this required information is submitted.