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Board in a Box Refresh & Relaunch

Over the last year, the Professional Chapters Council (PCC) has meticulously updated the Board in a Box to better reflect the changing world around us. One of the more significant changes in the overhaul of Board in a Box is the creation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) best practices.

As community builders, AMA chapter leaders have a moral and ethical responsibility to create safe environments for everyone and be in service to building chapters that reflect the broader community they operate within.

Strong DEI practices translate to chapter success. That’s why we’ve woven it throughout Board in a Box instead of a stand-alone section: Your chapter needs to think about DEI strategically and systemically in all that you do. It shouldn’t be an “extra” that you’ll get to later or a priority that can change from President to President.

The Board in a Box authors’ recommendation is as simple as it is challenging: Put DEI at the center of your chapter’s practices and throughout everything you do.

  1. Technology tools and tips – COVID-19 forced us to adapt to a virtual world. Board in a Box now includes technology and communications best practices, tools, and tips to help chapters run and communicate more effectively and digital marketing tool providers, slack, etc.
  2. Recruiting diverse volunteers, speakers, sponsors, different skill sets, especially in the digital marketing realm.
  3. Emphasis on collaboration between roles on board (communications, membership, programming, etc.)
  4. Emphasis on succession planning and CEA entries
  5. Ideas for diverse programming
  6. Ideas on how to align ith Support Center for membership campaigns
  7. Tips on volunteer engagement ideas