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AMA-EBSCO-RRBM Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing

Call for Nominations

Deadline: 1 September 2021

Co-Sponsored by The Sheth Foundation
In cooperation with the Community for Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM)


The purpose of this award is to recognize already-published responsible research in marketing where responsible research is defined as work that produces both useful and credible knowledge. 

Useful knowledge addresses important social challenges and provides meaningful implications that have the potential to inform policies and practices.  Findings and insights from useful research will have implications beyond what is good for the financial performance of firms and will have wider societal implications beyond that of the particular consumer group, firm, or employee group studied. 

Credible knowledge refers to the reliability and validity or trustworthiness of the findings, in either inductive or deductive work, using either qualitative or quantitative data, or both. 

We call for nominations of published work that exemplifies the seven principles of responsible research as outlined on and described in detail in the position paper “Responsible Research for Business and Management:  Striving for Credible and Useful Knowledge.”

Examples of topics might include -societal benefits of corporate social responsibility initiatives; responsible marketing of potentially harmful products/ servicesimproving public health by addressing chronic disease, including obesity; responsible marketing to vulnerable consumer segments; promoting the financial well-being of at-risk consumers; improving consumer privacy protection; increasing access to quality healthcare..

Papers that received awards in the previous two years can be found here: 
AMA-EBSCO-RRBM Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing Recipients

Review Committee and Process

A team of academics, appointed by and coordinated through the AMA Academic Council, will assess the nominations. The Committee’s size will be determined by the number of nominations and comprises accomplished scholars, including representatives of the award sponsors. The academic members assess the nominations for credibility and usefulness of the research findings to inform societally beneficial management or business practice.

Award Recognition

  • Award-winning papers and books will be recognized and be featured on the RRBM, AMA, and Sheth Foundation websites.
  • Grants, provided by EBSCO, will be awarded to a select number of winners.
  • The list will be publicized via listservs of marketing associations, and other forms of public or social media platforms.
  • Selected winners will be invited to present their work at an AMA academic conference.
  • Award winners will receive a certificate of recognition from the joint sponsors and a recognition letter will be sent to the relevant deans and department heads, upon request.

Submission Criteria

We accept nominations, including self-nominations, of empirical and conceptual research articles or research books, in the English language and published in the following window (2016-2020), that meet the following criteria:

  • Research that exemplifies the Seven Principles of Responsible Research and supports the general notion of individual, societal, and environmental wellbeing, emphasizing marketing’s power to foster a greater good, improve individual lives, strengthen communities, and in general make the world better.
  • The research can be on any level of analysis (individual, team, organization, society), for any kind of organization (business, non-profit, social enterprises, government) and focus on any population (general or more specific) and on any region of the world.
  • The article should be published in a refereed journal, or book by a university or academic press, such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Wiley, SAGE, Routledge, etc., during the aforementioned window. 
  • If the manuscript has been submitted previously for consideration, the nomination letter should indicate how dissemination of the work has substantially changed and what the impact of this has been.

Submission Procedure

  1. A PDF copy of the article or the book, a pre-print or finalized manuscript for in press article or book.
  2. A nomination letter that describes why this work (research article or book) deserves to be considered for the Award, in two single-spaced pages or no more than 1000 words. If possible, provide: a) evidence on the “usefulness” of the research, e.g., how it has made a positive impact on practice or society, and b) information on how this work has been disseminated to stakeholders beyond the academic community.
  3. Enter the nominator author name(s) and email(s), as well as nominator’s name and email in the submission form.
  4. Submit nomination materials (PDF of work and nomination letter) via this submission form by September 1, 2021.
  5. Self-nominations are acceptable as well.
  6. The decision of the award will be announced at Winter AMA 2022.
  7. Please contact Monica Gerhardt at for any inquiry about the award or nomination procedure.