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A Statement from Incoming Coeditors in Chief Kelly Martin and Maura Scott

A Statement from Incoming Coeditors in Chief Kelly Martin and Maura Scott

Dear Members of the JPP&M Community:

As the incoming coeditors of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, we write today to explicitly express our rejection of racism, hate, discrimination, intolerance and attacks on human rights. These are trying times. The sustained, oppressive effects of racism on Black people, including those in our MPP community, has gained global attention. The price for this acknowledgement is high; it has been paid for with the lives of many, most recently Mr. Ahmaud Arbery and Mr. George Floyd.

We recognize that hate and intolerance is a global problem, and it manifests in different forms in different parts of the world. The MPP community is one that is tolerant and one that believes in justice. JPP&M has a long history of publishing work focused on understanding the role of marketing and public policy in influencing issues that matter in the world, with the goal of promoting individual and societal well-being.

During the Marketing & Public Policy Conference last month, we discussed our strategic vision for JPP&M, which we describe as “Marketing and Public Policy Impact Through Rigor, Relevance, and Inclusivity.” For us, the Inclusivity is a key element. As we take the mantle for JPP&M forward, we are unambiguous in the commitment we made in our editorial to “encourage submissions and engagement from scholars with a diverse array of backgrounds, interests, and experiences to include underrepresented populations.”

To conclude, we say to our community members that are hurting, angry, tired, afraid, due to dealing with hate, intolerance, and oppression in all its forms: You are not alone. We stand with you.

Kelly D. Martin and Maura L. Scott
Incoming Coeditors in Chief
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing