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Friction Free: Streamlining the Customer Journey

Friction Free: Streamlining the Customer Journey

When trying to change minds and overcome the status quo, we tend to push our agenda. But changing behavior and increasing product/purchase adoption is less about persuasion and more about removing barriers — asking the right questions, truly listening, and then reducing and removing roadblocks to action.

To do so, we need to understand the:

  • Macro shifts in buyer sentiment and behavior — and the motivations behind them.
  • Moves our competition is making — and how to pivot our messaging.
  • NPS detractors — and how they can show us ways to create better experiences.

All this leads to understanding friction points in the customer journey — and how we can reduce uncertainty and create a community of advocates. Join Autum Molay, Global Head of Demand Generation at Momentive, as she talks with Jonah Berger, Wharton Professor and internationally bestselling author, about how meeting your 2023 marketing goals will “have less to do with pouring on the gas than taking off the parking brakes.”

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