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These Six Incredibly Useful Benefits of Will Increase Your ROI Almost Instantly 

These Six Incredibly Useful Benefits of Will Increase Your ROI Almost Instantly 

Regardless of the size of your organization, your specific industry, or your overall goals, keeping your audience engaged is crucial to long-term success. That is why your organization must continually strive to be a regular, relevant presence in the lives of your readers. 

While many digital marketing tools can help increase your ROI and boost engagement, email marketing remains the most useful tool. Your readers might engage with your organization in many different ways, but the common thread that ties them together is their use of email. That is why email continues to be the most reliable and efficient way for organizations to stay in touch with their target audiences.   


The platform helps organizations stay engaged with their readers by automatically sharing and curating their content to build and strengthen important long-term relationships and increase ROI. 

Here are the top six benefits of using 

#1. With, your organization can save hours each week

Creating and managing a standard email campaign can take around 18 hours. That includes strategy, planning, design, content creation, curation of external content, optimization, transmission, reporting, and analysis. That’s an enormous amount of time, even for the most successful email campaigns. 

With, organizations can cut down on newsletter production time by more than five hours every week with the platform’s one-time setup and easy ongoing review. 

#2. Your organization can earn more ad revenue from your newsletters

Have you ever thought about monetizing your newsletters? 

Obviously, your main objective for publishing email newsletters is reader engagement, but monetizing your newsletters can be a great way to increase revenue. The best way to do this is by selling ad space. Advertisers will be interested in running ads in your newsletter if you have a good-sized subscriber base. Still, you’ll want to find the right balance of advertising and content because no one wants a barrage of promotional emails flooding their inbox. 

With, you will have more opportunities for promotion and monetization in your newsletter with full control over ad space. Industry partners love the ability to place their ads in a newsletter that contains personalized articles for each subscriber! 

Interested in learning how you can do the same? Book a demo today! 

#3. Newsletters from can help you to boost subscriber retention

The beauty of the platform is that every newsletter sent is completely unique, meaning that every recipient on every one of your organization’s lists will get their own unique version of your newsletter. The advanced AI algorithm observes email engagement and optimizes your emails to the individual subscriber. 

Whether you send out company news to your internal staff or important information to your customers, brings personalization to a granular level. Your newsletter recipients will see only the content that interests them the most. As a result, your organization will build long-lasting relationships by providing regular and relevant value, boosting reader retention in ways you never thought possible. 

#4. Targeted Content from will position your company as the authority newsletter in your industry

The platform uses artificial intelligence to choose a set of articles from a content pool for each individual on your email list based on their past engagement with your newsletters. The first time you use to produce your newsletter, those articles will not be based on reader behavior. Over time, however, as users start clicking on articles, they will begin to see a more curated selection of pieces specifically targeted to their interests. 

In time, everyone receives the content that they are most interested in, coupled with your organization’s most important. The whole experience then becomes a win-win for everyone involved. It is the perfect recipe for increasing reader engagement and boosting your ROI. 

#5. With, you can drive more traffic to your organization’s website

With, you can effectively promote all of your organization’s published content in a timely fashion by auto-feeding your blogs, news articles, and journal content into your subscribers’ personalized, AI-driven newsletters. 

There is no doubt that content is the main driver of traffic to your website, and with, you‘ll get that peace of mind that your content is getting in front of the people that matter. With, you never have to worry about promoting new content again, as it will be shared automatically with your readers. 

Interested in learning more, book a demo today! 

#6. AI-powered curation helps you tap into powerful content without giving up control

One of the biggest challenges businesses and organizations often face is getting enough engaging and insightful content to use in their email newsletters and other marketing platforms. 

Your organization can utilize so many sources for content, from blogs and news sites to YouTube channels. With, you can access a comprehensive, searchable library relevant to your industry and newsletter. Over time, the AI-powered curation system will learn your readers’ tastes and curate articles specifically tailored to them. All the while, you will retain editorial control while leveraging powerful personalization technology. 

In Closing

These are just six ways that can help your organization take your email newsletter campaign to the next level. Click here to find out more about what can do for you

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