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The Power of AI Personalized Newsletters

The Power of AI Personalized Newsletters

It’s no secret that email newsletters, when leveraged as part of a long-term email marketing strategy, are a proven solution for growing your subscriber base and boosting engagement with your existing audience.

Unfortunately, the time and effort required to keep newsletter content fresh and engaging can be overwhelming for most organizations. That’s why so many businesses and their marketing teams fail to give email newsletter campaigns the attention (or the credit) they deserve.


Even if they can dedicate all of the appropriate resources necessary to deliver an impactful, consistent, newsletter to their subscribers, the ability to provide individualized content, which is what subscribers demand, is severely limited.

Enter the AI-powered email newsletter.

What Sets Apart

With, the world’s only truly personalized email newsletter software solution, associations, organizations, businesses, and marketing professionals can harness the power of artificial intelligence to create a level of personalization that would be otherwise impossible.

By providing each subscriber with content tailored to their individual preferences, helps companies increase engagement, enhance the customer experience, improve retention, and grow their subscriber lists. Best of all, the customer data cultivated by AI technology gives brands and marketers a clearer picture of what subscribers want.

How the AI Personalized Newsletter Works

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning software, synthesizes several AI techniques to curate content and personalize each individual subscriber’s newsletter experience. The AI platform uses artificial intelligence to curate and filter content from sources provided by the user and the AI algorithm personalizes each email sent out. As a result, no two newsletters are alike, bringing a level of email campaign personalization that would be nearly impossible otherwise.

As a result of these AI personalized newsletter techniques, email personalization on any given newsletter might include a selection of content specifically targeted to the individual recipient, or the placement of the articles may vary based on the reader’s past habits. Even subject lines will vary based on the individual recipient’s personal preferences and past behavior.

With the powerful AI personalized newsletter tools that provides, you and your marketing team will never look at email marketing campaigns the same way again.

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Creating the Personalized Experience for Your Newsletter Subscribers

With AI-powered software backing you up, providing personalized content that can enhance the customer journey is easier than you might think.

Businesses that use to manage their newsletter marketing campaign hand curate the sources from which they derive their content. The tool handles the rest, sifting through every content source, whether it’s trade publications, websites, RSS feeds, blogs, social media channels, or even your original content, to determine which content will work best in your curated newsletter. You and your team can customize the frequency, day, and time, that your email newsletter goes out, and then you can kick back and relax, knowing that all the content needed to fill your newsletter will be fetched automatically.

Over time, the AI platform will learn your subscribers’ preferences by analyzing individual user behavior and automatically customize future newsletters for particular recipients. As a result, your organization will reduce the time spent on newsletter creation, customization, and distribution, allowing you and your team to focus your efforts on other aspects of your overall digital marketing plan.

Even when you use AI technology to create your organization’s newsletters, you and your team will remain in control. If you have a piece of content that you want to put in front of every subscriber regardless of their preferences, whether written in-house or pulled from some other source, give you the ability to boost that content to make sure that every reader sees it.

The Benefits of AI Personalized Newsletters

The AI technology offered by the email newsletter platform provides a solution that will result in better relationships and lead nurturing between business and customer. The personalization that AI-powered software provides will help your organization engage, retain, and grow its audience. It’s really that simple.

Once you’ve started sending smart email newsletters using artificial intelligence software and you begin to see open and click rates skyrocket, you’ll wonder why you didn’t harness the power of AI technology sooner.

Personalization is exactly what audiences desire. When your subscribers like the content you provide, they will naturally want more, and nothing builds brand value and trust more than quality content. Best of all, you’ll be able to see the benefits with your own eyes using the great metrics and reporting features that provides. Since integrates with many of the business tools you already use, keeping tabs on the “big picture” of your overall marketing campaigns is easy.

With and AI technology on your side, you’ll save massive amounts of time and staff power, allowing you to redirect those resources into other areas of your organization.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails. Get started today!