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2022 Research Productivity Report Now Available

Arpit Agrawal


As the Spring 2023 semester gets underway, I’d like to tell you that we have been working hard to organize the DocSIG Research Productivity Report.


As you may know, DocSIG tracks publications in the premier marketing journals, according to authorship and university affiliation, and publishes the Top List on an annual basis.

Special thanks to Arpit Agrawal (PhD 3rd Year, Quant-Strategy, University of Houston), Vice Chair of Research, and to Praveen Punia (PhD 2nd Year, Quant-Strategy, University of Houston), Assistant Vice Chair of Research, who worked hard to get this year’s list together.

The four sections of the report are available here:

Author Productivity (AMA) 

Author Productivity (Premier) 

University Productivity (AMA) 

University Productivity (Premier)

Should you have questions regarding the report, please get in touch with Arpit Agrawal at

Click here for more information about AMA’s Doctoral Student SIG.

Arpit Agrawal is a doctoral student in Marketing at C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston.