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Request for Hosts | AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium

Thank you for considering contributing to the Marketing discipline by sponsoring and hosting the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium​. The AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium is a premier event that holds a special place in the life and history of our discipline. Typically held in June, this event introduces Ph.D. students to state-of-the-art perspectives and engages students in discussion of emerging themes in our profession. Thought leaders are invited to interact with and provide a stimulating experience for doctoral candidates as they launch their careers. Lifelong professional relationships often develop through the Consortium. 

If your school would like to host and sponsor a future consortium, the Academic Council of the AMA will accept proposals until January 31, 2024.


The Consortium typically lasts 3½–4 days, with participants arriving at the host university on Wednesday or Thursday and departing on Saturday or Sunday; potential host schools can propose alternative lengths or timing, within reason. 

Proposals for the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium should include the following documents accompanied by a cover letter with the proposed chair’s (or co-chairs) contact information

  • Objectives/Theme of the Consortium (Design theme to complement overall consortium purpose) 
  • Proposed event dates 
  • Proposed Special Features of the Program (Unique Social Events, Plenary Sessions, etc.)  
  • Academic Environment and Facilities (overview of details about the host institution and housing facilities, session rooms, etc.) 
  • Tentative Budget with Sources of Support  
  • Biographical Sketches of Departmental Faculty 

The total cost of the event can vary by institution, but the total cost typically ranges from $190,000 to $200,000. The AMA provides $50,000 of support through the AMA Academic Council as well as additional support via an AMA endowment established through the generosity of the Sheth Foundation (based on average market conditions provides approximately $35,000). In addition, the host may charge a fee to be as high as $550 per student fellow (up to 120 fellows) and $350 per faculty member (normally 110 faculty). Thus, funds from the AMA, AMA Foundation/Sheth Foundation Endowment, and fees total to approximately $180,000 – $190,000 to cover program costs. Previous host institutions have engaged other sponsors including Dean’s Offices as well as industry partners that may have some affinity to the hosts’ marketing departments.   

The consortium host institution provides the meeting space and can secure additional sponsorship commitments from its own university and/or corporate sponsors to meet additional costs for lodging, meals, and any fees associated with meeting space. Other activities such as receptions and off-site events are at the discretion of the host institution. 

Proposals from individual universities based in North America have provided a rich history of exceptional Consortia, however, as the discipline has grown, and in order to widen the pool of potential hosts, the Academic Council will consider proposals from outside North America as well as proposals that involve collaboration among two (or more) co-host institutions. Examples may include partnerships such as two universities in close geographical proximity (hosting activities across the two campuses) or multiple universities co-sponsoring the event with faculties co-hosting activities that are held on one campus.

Depending on the strength of the set of proposals, the Academic Council may also award hosts for multiple years.

Please visit to learn more about the doctoral consortium and policies related to nomination and selection of consortium fellows​. The website also features information on recent consortia as well as other historical information.

If you need more information or would like to submit a proposal please contact: 

Marilyn Stone
Director, Academic Communities
American Marketing Association