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Interactive Text Analytics Uncovers Insights Quickly

Interactive Text Analytics Uncovers Insights Quickly

cx inspector

Easily Analyze, Visualize and Share Insights

Do you have survey datasets with open-ended responses you wish you could analyze in minutes instead of hours or days?  Most researchers do, whether from NPS, Customer or Employee Satisfaction, Customer Experience/VoC studies, or myriad other sources. While valuable information comes from analysis of structured, closed-ended data, analyzing the unstructured open-ended data is often where the most powerful insights are found. However, researchers frequently don’t have the time, money, or right solution to analyze the open-ended responses at all, losing the opportunity to uncover valuable insights to improve business results.

Reveal insights from surveys in minutes, not hours, to inform business decisions

Ascribe has introduced the 5th version of its text analytics software, CX Inspector, which quickly analyzes open-ended responses, creates customizable dashboards, and easily exports results. Using topic analysis and sentiment analysis, powered by the most advanced Natural Language Processing and AI, CX Inspector helps uncover key topics, sentiment, and insights, helping business leaders make informed decisions.

Large datasets? No problem

Coding large datasets manually or even with a coding software program can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. CX Inspector has the ability to process thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of open-ended responses quickly.

Customizable dashboards

CX Inspector’s interactive and customizable dashboards help explore the data and visualize the results. Create a dashboard with preferred visuals, then fully explore the data by clicking to filter by a variable, such as a region, NPS score, or by sentiment. Create cross-tabs or click to find the responses on a given topic. Easily change visuals and even save dashboards for future use. 

Import and export results easily

Easily import data, with the option to automate the data in-flow for recurring studies. Export the results and dashboards to the platforms of your choice quickly to share with other key stakeholders.

Outstanding training and support

Ascribe’s experienced training and support teams help new users get up to speed on the software and ensure the results meet business needs.

Ascribe has helped researchers around the globe process open-ended comments for over 20 years. Come explore the new CX Inspector where you can watch a video and request a free demo using your own data.