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Free Event Marketing Strategy Certification

Free Event Marketing Strategy Certification

Cvent Inc.

Cvent Academy Training Courses Tailored for You

Whether you are new to the Cvent platform or looking to expand your expertise, the skills gained with Cvent Academy training and certification will help you invest in your own success. We know this is an unprecedented time, and we’re working hard to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful now and in the future. As Jared Murphy explains, “As the dust settles from COVID-19, our world will have changed in so many ways. We will need stronger and higher skill sets to be successful in the industry.” The complimentary Event Marketing Strategy Certification normally valued at $295 will give you valuable skills to bolster your resume and prove your industry expertise.


“I am personally appreciative of being able to emerge prepared to take on the challenges of this change, armed with highly marketable skills,” says Esther Kincade.

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What does Cvent Certification Include?

Event professionals can get certified in a number of areas to highlight their product expertise. Don’t miss opportunities to showcase your skills with our new Event Marketing Strategy Certification, as well as Virtual Events and Hybrid Events certifications, the Event Management, Event Management Advanced, and Mobile Event App certifications.

New Event Marketing & Strategy certification: This new certification is designed for marketers who want to demonstrate their expertise on leveraging their event channel to generate powerful touchpoints and insights to better funnel lead performance.

Event Management certification: This is ideal for event planners and marketers who have created, managed, and promoted an event using Cvent’s Event Management software.

Event Management Advanced certification :This certification is designed for more experienced planners who have successfully executed multiple events using Cvent.

Mobile Event App certification: Those who have created and managed an event using CrowdCompass Event Center, and are familiar with the features included in a standard CrowdCompass mobile app, should consider this certification.

Venue Sourcing certification: This certification is suited to those who have proficient experience with the Cvent Supplier Network. This new certification is designed for those who have created, sent, and managed RFPs, as well as managed bid responses and awarded business through Cvent’s venue sourcing solution.

Virtual Events and Hybrid Events certifications: These new certifications are designed for event professionals who want expand their skills and demonstrate their expertise in creating, building, and launching successful virtual and hybrid events.

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