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Transform Your Creative Process with Virtual Panels

Transform Your Creative Process with Virtual Panels

Methodify by Delvinia

Have you ever been stuck in a brainstorming meeting that seemed to be going nowhere? Or found yourself lamenting that your customer segmentation data is a year old? How about wishing you could know, not just hypothesize, that an idea would resonate with your target customers?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (and most marketers today have!), then it’s time for you to explore Virtual Panels. They were created in partnership between Methodify by Delvinia and PersonaPanels, and they represent different generations of consumers. Each Virtual Panel is made up of Animated Personas – AI-models that are trained to mimic the behaviours, responses, and evolving interests of real consumers.


Animated Personas allow you to access consumer segments on a regular basis without the time delay of interviewing real-life people. Animated Personas are plugged into the Internet, reading thousands of articles from hundreds of websites every day, looking for topics that match their specific interests. They can be used to test interest levels in your ad copy, product concept or message testing.

Benefits of Virtual Panels:

  • The number of ideas tested isn’t limited since Animated Personas never fatigue and can handle whatever is put in front of them.
  • Each of the Generational Animated Personas represents millions of people, so your research is reflective of these incredibly large sample sizes.
  • Agile, real-time results are available in hours instead of weeks

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