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Master Digital Marketing: 7 Free Training Options for Students

Master Digital Marketing: 7 Free Training Options for Students

Scott Cowley

This article was originally posted on the website of Western Michigan University Digital Marketing professor Scott Cowley.

Sometimes it takes a crisis of global proportions to remind us that we each have unique means to help others. Many companies have generously provided free short-term access to their tools, platforms, and previously paid instructional materials to help students and educators alike deal with the sudden whiplash of rapidly moving everything online during the 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) spread.


For digital marketing students looking to take full advantage of this unique window of access, here are some specific options that have been generously provided during the shutdown/online-only period.

  • Moz Academy (free access through May 31) – In-depth SEO training on a variety of topics by some of the most respected in the industry.
  • Skillshare (2 free months of Premium access) – Lots of courses for a variety of topics and tools, including many in digital marketing. Want to learn all of the Adobe design products? Learn Shopify site so you can sell stuff on your own site? Learn how to do affiliate marketing or consulting? It’s all there.
  • BlitzMetrics (month of free training & community access) – Not exactly sure what’s in this, but based on what I know, I think it’s a lot of deep Facebook ad training.
  • Ahrefs (free course) – Free access to their Blogging for Business course.
  • Lab Plus (free access through the end of March) – Variety of courses and certifications on digital marketing topics; appears more hands-on.
  • Harmon Brothers 14-Day Script Challenge (free 30-day access) – This company has made a lot of viral product commercials (Purple mattresses, Squatty Potty, Poo-pourri, etc), so this is a crash course in how to do it.
  • Codecademy (free access through the end of the school year) – While not marketing training specifically, you might like to learn some code, which is often used in digital marketing, especially HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL.

And don’t forget to check with your school about Adobe Creative Cloud access, which Adobe is giving to students of subscribing institutions for 2 months to assist with continuity in class projects.

For more resources, see our COVID-19 Support for Academics page.