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Resources for Transitioning Marketing Courses Online

Resources for Transitioning Marketing Courses Online

This article was originally posted on the AMA’s Doctoral Student SIG page.

To help our marketing community in transitioning to online courses, DocSIG is sharing access to a compilation of resources on the following topics:

  • “Free internet access” resources for students so that they can stay connected
  • How to keep students motivated in online courses
  • Instructors’ resources and software recommendations for video conferencing, screen capture, etc.
  • Basic video guides on how to use Zoom as a participant and organizer
  • Using YouTube for teaching

For information on these topics and more, visit the Google Drive folder.

Please feel free to add your own resources to this folder and share them with other marketing academics (e.g., class assignments, guides on using software, video lectures). This link is set up as an open community platform, and anyone can access or edit it, so please add only resources you are willing to share with other marketing academics.

Our honorable community will respect your creative rights and will use the shared resources as inspiration only, unless you specify that others have permission to use them.

We greatly appreciate the effort of those who have contributed thus far and ask others to share their knowledge, material, and experience to ease our transition to online classes. We’re hoping that our marketing community will come together to help everyone redesign assignments, adjust courses, record video lectures, etc. during this challenging time.

For more resources, see our COVID-19 Support for Academics page.