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Marketing 101 in 2019 – Authenticity Reigns

Marketing 101 in 2019 - Authenticity Reigns


Consumers are increasingly immune to traditional advertising and have become adept at tuning it out.

In 2019, socially conscious businesses and earned media will thrive thanks to the growing power of millennial and Generation X buyers. The public’s fatigue with paid and owned advertising has created an opportunity for other types of marketing and public relations to flourish. Of these, earned media is poised to have the greatest impact in 2019, particularly with Generation X and the millennial audiences who crave authenticity and contribution to the greater good from businesses they frequent.


This brief resource discusses earned media, the rise of millennials and Gen X, and businesses that give back. 

The businesses that thrive and continue to do so are able to adapt to changing culture and thinking, and we’ll see that play out in 2019. Are you one of them?

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