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2019 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers

2019 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers

Netline Corporation

An exclusive dive into actionable first-party data from thousands of real campaigns based upon 12 months of consumption activity across the NetLine network.

Analyzing over 4 million downloads and hundreds of raw data points, B2B marketers get a deep dive into a holistic view for strategic content marketing and campaign optimization. This report harnesses in-depth research with actionable takeaways, equipping marketers with the tools to drive meaningful engagements with downstream impacts on pipeline. 

This year, we’ve layered analytical insights with buyer-engagement behavior, resulting in powerful approaches to target influencers and decision makers. Focusing on top pain-points for B2B marketers, NetLine’s analyses cover cross-sections of the total audience formatted into four priority areas for building a successful strategy: 

  • By the People
  • By the Company
  • By the Industry
  • How to humanize with data

Marketers will be able to take advantage of actionable take aways, such as:

  • Content consumption gap is shrinking! In a major reversal from prior years’ data, almost all job levels took less time to consume content they requested. C-level saw an 11% improvement in time before opening their requested content Executive VPs saw a 25% improvement.
  • Of the over 4 million downloads across our network, 64% of the total audience are job levels of manager and above. That’s a lot of influence!

The 2019 Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers unpacks first-party data from real professionals consuming real content across the leading and largest B2B buyer engagement network. Optimize your 2019 marketing strategy with revenue-driving data.

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