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"Video Content Marketing: The Making of Clips" Named 2018 MSI/Root Award

Matt Weingarden

Xuan Liu, Savannah Wei Shi, Thales Teixeira, and Michel Wedel’s article, “Video Content Marketing: The Making of Clips” from the July 2018 Issue of the Journal of Marketing has been named the 2018 MSI/H. Paul Root Award. The MSI Root Award celebrates research that makes a significant contribution to the advancement of the practice of marketing in a calendar year.

Finalists were selected by JM’s AEs, ERB, and Advisory Board. The winning article was selected by a committee comprised of Coeditors and Advisory Board members.

This year’s winner applies cutting-edge marketing models to a challenge that is both highly relevant to contemporary markets and likely to gain further relevance in the future—video content marketing.


The article is the first to propose a formal optimization approach to produce short video clips from existing video material and to study the effectiveness of these clips at generating consumer response. As video stimuli become ever more popular and as attention spans become shorter, short video clips will likely gain prominence in the marketer’s toolkit. Rather than simply examine the impact of existing marketing stimuli on consumer response, the optimization approach developed in this paper helps firms design new stimuli to generate emotional and commercial responses among consumers. The approach proposed in the paper has already been applied to and validated in real-world contexts and is highly scalable across contexts.

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