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AMA Intellectual Agenda 1.0

AMA Intellectual Agenda 1.0

Russ Klein and Bernard Jaworski

The intellectual agenda is meant to serve as a source of guidance and inspiration for marketing professionals as well as academics. 


As such, it will be the basis for all of the AMA’s content and intellectual capital for academics ​and practicing marketers going forward, as the organization strives to be the most relevant force and voice shaping the practice of marketing today.

In this way, the AMA hopes to remain the essential community for marketers. 

Please feel free to download the AMA Intellectual Agenda 1.0.

Referred to as Intellectual Agenda 1.0, it outlines the four personas the AMA strives to serve with thought leadership: 

  • The Enlightened Initiate
  • The Marketer Maestro
  • The Sales Champion
  • The Applied Academic

The composition of Intellectual Agenda 1.0 is the result of intense collaboration between the AMA, the “core team” of advisors, ad hoc board advisors and members of the AMA’s many constituencies.

Marketing’s Seven Big Problems

This list of major issues facing marketers today forms the basis of Intellectual Agenda 1.0’s approach to content. Providing context to everything from articles to conference themes, these problems cover issues that are “make or break” for today’s enterprises and the careers of most marketers as well. They include: 

  1. Effectively targeting high value sources of growth
  2. The role of marketing in the firm and the C-suite
  3. The digital transformation of the modern corporation
  4. Generating and using insight to shape marketing practice
  5. Dealing with an omnichannel world
  6. Competing in dynamic, global markets
  7. Balancing incremental and radical innovation

Noted academic Bernard Jaworski is the originator behind six of the seven problems and AMA Board Chairman Rob Malcolm composed the first problem, which deals with effective market targeting. 

Watch Russ Klein and Bernie Jaworski talk about the Seven Big Problems and their importance:

Interested in the book series? See more info about The Organic Growth Playbook and The Insight Discipline.

Russ Klein is a five-time award-winning CMO who has quarterbacked teams for many of the world’s foremost brand names, serving as president of Burger King from 2003-2010 and holding top marketing and advertising posts at Dr. Pepper/7UP Companies, Gatorade, 7-Eleven Corporation and Arby’s Restaurant Group. He is also the former CEO of the American Marketing Association.

Bernie Jaworski is the Peter F. Drucker Chair at the Drucker School of Management. He has published extensively in the most highly regarded marketing journals and has been ranked among the most highly cited scholars in the field of marketing. He has won all three major awards from the Journal of Marketing—the Maynard, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Jagdish Sheth Award—as well as several other awards. For 10 years he was a senior partner at Monitor Group, a global management consulting firm, where he helped lead several large-scale transformations of marketing at Fortune 500 firms.