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Virtual Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

The AMA offers multiple sponsorship opportunities to reach our audience and help you achieve your goals:

  • Presenting Sponsorship (multiple opportunities per conference) – includes one 45-minute thought leadership session featuring your speaker
  • Keynote Sponsorship (two opportunities per conference) – includes sponsorship of one of AMA’s keynotes (speaker and session provided by AMA)
  • Exclusive Day Sponsorship (three opportunities per conference) – includes sponsorship of the mainstage for a full day of the conference
  • Chat Sponsorship (one opportunity per conference) – includes sponsorship of the AMA Lounge Chat throughout the event

Virtual Conference Topics

Align your brand with our next topic in 2021:

2021 will bring an abundance of change and new challenges to marketing practice. Be one of the first solutions available for marketers as they gear up for the year ahead.

Experience design is one of the top trends in marketing. Position your brand as a thought leader to companies looking to optimize their customer experience.

Today’s world has turned the already competitive field of higher education upside-down. Demonstrate your expertise and show marketers how you can help them reach their enrollment goals.

Help nonprofit marketers make a difference by positioning yourself as the solution they need to get the job done.

  • Digital Marketing | October 5-7, 2021

To keep up with rapid technology changes, marketers need to stay on top of the latest tools and strategies. Be the company that equips our attendees with the tools they need to stay ahead.

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