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Marketing Communications Playbook

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Save Time. Plan Confidently. Make an Impact.

Your time is valuable. That’s why the Marketing Communications Playbook is built to give you a comprehensive strategy framework and easily editable tools to quickly bring your plan to life. This simple step-by-step guide will help you create a marketing communications plan that supports its marketing strategy.

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Includes 30+ Tools and Templates

This playbook includes access to customizable tools and templates from our popular AMA Marketer’s Toolkits including:

  • Brand Assessment Tool
  • Brand Perception Survey
  • Industry Analysis Tool
  • Content Marketing Assets Database
  • Marketing Collateral Management Tool
  • Web Content Audit Tool
  • Competitor Analysis Tool
  • Content Monitoring Tool
  • Competitive PR and Advertising Analysis
  • Buyer Persona Template
  • Buying Process Stage Template
  • Lead Acquisition Model
  • Marketing Channel Ranking Tool
  • Social Media Channel Selection Tool
  • Lead Generation Prioritization Tool
  • Events Database Template
  • Tradeshow Evaluation Matrix
  • Objectives Worksheet
  • Marketing Strategy Scorecard
  • Positioning Statement Worksheet
  • Message Mapping Tool
  • Marketing Strategy Scorecard
  • Positioning Statement Worksheet
  • Message Mapping Tool
  • Content Mapping Tool
  • Advertisement Evaluation Matrix
  • Press Release Template
  • Advertising Calendar & Budget Template
  • Editorial Calendar Template
  • Public Relations Calendar
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar
  • SEO Keyword Database
  • Mobile Marketing Planning Checklist
  • MarCom Calendar
  • Budget Template
  • Marketing Plan Presentation
  • Key Marketing Metrics Dashboard
  • Campaign Impression Calculator
  • Email Marketing ROI Calculator
  • Online Advertising ROI Calculator

AMA Marketer’s Toolkits

This playbook is just a piece of our AMA Marketer’s Toolkits. There are 100+ individual tools, templates and dashboards that can be used alone or as part of a larger strategy. They’re easy to use and built to enhance your decision-making skills.

This playbook is powered by Demand Metric.