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Since its inception in 1937, the American Marketing Association (AMA) has remained committed to the advancement of excellence in the field of marketing.  It was this commitment which fostered the establishment of Alpha Mu Alpha in spring of 1981. Alpha Mu Alpha, is the national marketing honorary for qualified undergraduate, graduate and doctoral marketing students, and marketing faculty.

Under the auspices of the AMA, a selected advisory committee of marketing educators designed the Alpha Mu Alpha recognition program to acknowledge outstanding scholastic achievement on a highly competitive basis.  The eligibility requirements illustrate this objective.


Membership status in Alpha Mu Alpha is available to individuals who attend a college or university having an established AMA collegiate chapter, and/or who attend a regionally or nationally accredited institution.  The appropriate faculty advisor nominates marketing students in the semester of their graduation who meet the academic standards,  nominees are then asked to submit the Online Alpha Mu Alpha Form.


Individuals meeting one of the requirements below are eligible for nomination by their AMA Faculty Advisor (or a tenured Marketing faculty for those Universities without an AMA Chapter) into Alpha Mu Alpha. Acceptance includes membership in the Honorary, a personalized certificate, Alpha Mu Alpha lapel pin, and a navy graduation cord.

  • ​Senior Undergraduate Students - All marketing students holding a minimum overall G.P.A. of 3.25.
  • ​Graduate Students - All students in the top 20% GPA of all students in the Masters program and concentrating in marketing.  A concentration is considered a minimum of two graduate marketing courses beyond the core graduate course in marketing.
  • ​Doctoral Students - All doctoral students majoring in marketing who have completed their course work and passed their comprehensive examination.
  • ​Marketing Faculty - A member of the instructional, research, or administrative staff of the school, holding full-time appointment in marketing, may be inducted upon the attainment of tenure at that school.  For those faculty/institutions where tenure is not applicable, the individual must have completed six (6) years of such work at the institution.

Please read carefully, as faculty nomination and payment procedures have changed as of July 2017.  All payments are now processed online or you can submit the Alpha Mu Alpha form below. 

Please note:

Applications received cannot be processed within the same week materials are needed.


  • ​Faculty, please complete the FACULY NOMINATION FORM​ and send it to the nominating students, informing them of the nomination. 
  • This nomination form will need to uploaded to the Online Alpha Mu Alpha Form. The online form can either be completed by the student, faculty, or department coordiantor.

Applications and Payments 

  • Complete the Online Alpha Mu Alpha Form with information for each student, including mailing address and credit card information.
  • Normal Processing (three to five weeks - $40)
  • Rush Processing (one to two weeks - additional $25) 
  • Payment could take up to three weeks for processing.
  • If faculty are nominating more than three students, include your mailing address on the nomination form. Schools with more than three nominations will have materials sent directly to the Faculty Advisor.
  • Single nominations will be sent directly to the student. with the mailing address materials should be sent, and credit card information.

Application Submission

  • You will receive an on-screen confirmation after submission. 
  • You will not receive an email confirmation. If there is an error with your order, you will be notified.


  • Schools with three or more nominations will have Alpha Mu Alpha materials sent directly to the Faculty Advisor's address on file.
  • Single nominations will be sent directly to student.
  • Normal processing is aproxmiately three - five weeks.
  • AMA reserves the right to charge Rush charges if need date is less than two weeks from date of receipt
  • Applications received cannot be processed within the same week materials are needed.​

Alpha Mu Alpha Handbook can be adapted if the chapter is wanting to hold a ceremony before commencement.


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