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Statement About the 2023 Winter AMA Conference Location

The 2023 AMA Winter Academic Conference cochairs and the American Marketing Association recognize that many members of our community and their institutions are becoming increasingly conscious of the implications and impacts of hosting conferences in different areas across the country. The event scheduled for February 2023 will be in Nashville, Tennessee. 

We are aware that Tennessee ranks low on both the US Women, Peace, and Security Index and its Movement Advancement Project score. The AMA and our cochair team acknowledge that this may complicate attendees’ decision regarding travel to the in-person conference. The AMA has already signed this contract with the conference hotel and local vendors with major penalties for canceling. However, it is our belief that we can still support marginalized groups in the area through our work and that it would be harmful to many local residents to pull the conference because it would affect the incomes of working class people in the area.

As we move forward with the conference, we commit to upholding the values of the AMA and our community by:

  • Continuing to work with the cochairs to develop programming that focuses on the voices of underrepresented people and vulnerable populations in the area; and
  • Providing a virtual option for attendees unable to travel, including virtual sessions and networking opportunities. 

Should attendees want to connect more deeply with access work in the Nashville area, we encourage you to support one or more of the following organizations: 

We look forward to connecting in February and hope that you will be able to join us for a weekend of discussion around Marketing During Times of Change. 

The AMA Academic Communities Team and our 2023 Winter AMA cochairs, Nita Umashankar and Monika Lisjak