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Corporate Training: Sales Playbook

Corporate Training: Sales Playbook

Accelerate Sales Success

All organizations with a sales team need a sales playbook. Why? Because a sales playbook provides a systematic and repeatable framework for the sales team, enabling them to work more efficiently, increase deal velocity, and consistently meet or exceed their revenue targets.

This practical corporate training course will ensure consistency and alignment throughout the sales process by empowering your team with the tools and strategies needed to create and implement a comprehensive sales playbook. Plus, you will receive a custom-branded Sales Playbook after the training.

What to Expect

This interactive training will:

  • Gather critical insights about your target market and customers.
  • Validate who your customers are and how they perceive value.
  • Dissect the sales process to understand the customers’ journey and how they ultimately come on board.
  • Evaluate the marketing content and sales tools in use and required.
  • Understand which deal advancement plays will work.
  • Track metrics that are accurate indicators of results.
  • Define marketing campaigns to support sales activities and efforts.

Key Outputs

  • A repository of institutional knowledge, best practices, techniques, and tactics proven to work.
  • A documented standard operating procedures playbook for the sales team.
  • A blueprint for expediting the onboarding process for new hires and expanding the sales team while maintaining the same level of performance and consistency

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