How to Survive as a Marketing Team of One

Christine Birkner
Marketing News
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Key Takeaways
​What? Being solely responsible for a organization's marketing efforts presents unique challenges.

So what? It's impossible to to be a marketing team of one without developing a specific skill set suited to the enviroment. 

Now what? Indiviudal marketers need to learn to prioritize, communicate, ask for help, budget wisely and be realistic.  

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Author Bio:
Christine Birkner
Christine Birkner is the features editor for the AMA. Follow her on Twitter @ChristineBirkne.

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Stephanie Whittaker
March 26, 2016

This is a good article Christine. The tips and advice are helpful, and you also helped put some things in perspective. Thank you. Stephanie Whittaker

Allison Caldwell
August 27, 2016

Great advice for this team of one! Thank you!

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