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Corporate Training: Product and Go-to-Market Strategy

Corporate Training: Product and Go-to-Market Strategy

Master Product Launch Success

Businesses that grasp the implications of delayed product launches know its impact on shareholder value. Interestingly, it’s not usually the development cycle that hinders profitability and revenue growth; it’s the inefficient processes or lack thereof. As companies introduce more products, managing and operationalizing the launch process becomes more intricate. Without a well-optimized product and Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, these issues, delays and financial impacts worsen.

This practical corporate training course is for companies who want to improve their time to market and maximize revenue by solving the people and process challenges that are holding their team back from achieving their growth targets. After the training, you will receive one of the following Playbooks:

  • Strategic Marketing Playbook
  • Go-to-Market Playbook
  • Product Strategy Playbook

What to Expect

This interactive training will:

  • Assess your product launch and GTM maturity.
  • Document roles & responsibilities for all stakeholders.
  • Refine and customize your product strategy/GTM framework.
  • Build a standardized product strategy/GTM Playbook.
  • Enable your team with the right resources (tools, templates, etc.).
  • Seamlessly weave the optimized launch process into your existing workflows.

Key Outputs

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each step of the launch process.
  • A repository of institutional knowledge, templates, best practices, techniques and tactics proved to work.
  • A documented Strategy Playbook (PDF Document).
  • A blueprint for expediting the onboarding process for new hires to ensure consistency.

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