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On-Demand: The DEI Imperative

On-Demand: The DEI Imperative

Let’s continue prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion. Below, you will find the recording, presentation deck and additional resources provided by the instructor for ongoing learning.


Additional Resources


Resources including articles, videos and social media selections. Design your own learning journey and when you are ready for more, scale up with some of the suggested medium intensity resources.

  • Instagram Accounts
    • Color Comm
      • The nation’s leading women’s platform addressing diversity and inclusion across the communications and media industry.
    • Jezz Chung
      • Building equity through conscious creative expression
    • Career Contessa
      • Career resources geared toward women. Lots of posts unpacking bias, privilege and racial injustice
    • Carlos Gil
      • Modern marketer and author challenging the status quo
    • Harvard Business Review
      • Classic content bite-sized format
    • Team Blind
      • Blind is a trusted community where 3.6MM+ verified professionals anonymously connect to discuss what matters most.


Resources including books and discussion forums are a great way to deepen your learning. Embrace new voices, get curious, make mistakes and practice vulnerability.

  • Forums
    • Join/ start a forum for friends, colleagues and family members to have productive dialogue and share learnings


Resources including volunteer opportunities and considerations for deeper organization-wide learning.

  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Get involved in your local BLM chapter or start your own
    • Get your leadership to engage in the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion
    • Find other organizations in your community that you want to support

Keyword Resources