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  • MARKETverse 2026

Harness the Power of Global Marketing

Global marketing can quite literally change the world!  If you’re a change maker, a visionary, or someone who understands the power of global marketing, MARKETverse is your opportunity to be a driving force to create a world that is more equitable, innovative and interconnected. 

Let’s revolutionize global marketing–together.

Three people talking around a computer at the 2023 AMA Winter Academic Conference

Bridge the Gap Across Disciplines

Global marketing is an interdisciplinary field with a complex ecosystem. MARKETverse bridges the gap between marketers, data privacy professionals, behavioral scientists, economists, regulatory experts, leading scholars and more to shape the future of marketing on a global scale.

Expand Horizons: Insights and Predictions

The heart of MARKETverse 2026 lies in its expert-led sessions that offer tailored unparalleled insights and predictions for small to large organizations on how, when and where to expand next. From the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa – there will be global representation onsite! 

Embrace the Celebration

But MARKETverse 2026 isn’t just about serious discussions and forward-thinking strategies.  It’s an opportunity to network with global marketing visionaries. From entry level to executives, we will gather to promote culture exchange, inspire innovation, drive social change, empower economies and celebrate diversity.  

Share the Experience with Your Team

MARKETverse 2026 isn’t just an event for marketers. It’s a gathering that welcomes professionals from all backgrounds. Bring your team and be part of this transformative experience. After all, global marketing’s impact knows no bounds.