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Which Workplace Culture Matches Your Personality?

Which Workplace Culture Matches Your Personality?

Tom Gimbel

Company culture is something that’s been talked about a lot in the post-recession era, and it’s something that more and more organizations are focusing on. But why is culture so important? Marketing talent is in demand. The economy’s been improving and companies are hiring. People feel comfortable leaving their current roles and exploring other opportunities. In addition, companies have to be more competitive to attract talent. A salary typically isn’t enough to get someone on board anymore. The way that organizations are winning (or losing) the talent war is through their culture.

Today’s focus on culture also directly shows in the way that companies are hiring. Rather than focusing solely on a candidate’s technical skills, hiring managers are paying close attention to whether they’ll bring new and creative ideas to the table, get along with the people around them and help them grow. Here’s how to find this new crop of candidates.


Don’t get caught up in hard skills. 

Finding the right candidate is about a lot more than matching a résumé with a job description. Ask yourself: Are they creative? Are they collaborative? Do they have good communication skills? Are they showing initiative by already taking classes on SEO or design if that’s not their area of expertise? Hard skills can always be taught if the candidate is willing to work hard and learn. It’s important to find people who are willing to put in the work and truly go for what they want.


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Tom Gimbel is CEO and founder of LaSalle Network, a recruiting and staffing firm based in Chicago.