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The Most Successful Middle Market Firms Have a Talent Plan

The Most Successful Middle Market Firms Have a Talent Plan

Sarah Steimer

Middle market companies tend to be reactionary in their talent-planning efforts, but a new report shows the impact of setting up a talent game plan

Middle market companies, not unlike small and large businesses, want the very best employees.

Despite the obvious importance of getting strong candidates on their teams, less than half of middle market firms are currently implementing talent-planning strategies.

new report from the National Center for the Middle Marketoutlines the impact of having a solid talent-planning strategy. The report found companies with an annual revenue growth of 10% or more are significantly more likely than slower-growing organizations to say they perform very or extremely well at talent-planning initiatives, which include identifying critical positions and players within the organization and engaging senior and line management in the talent-planning process.


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Sarah Steimer is the former managing editor of Marketing News. She may be reached on Twitter at @sarah_steimer.