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The 2018 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

The 2018 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

Diane Bowers

top 50 market research companies 2018

Jack Honomichl, who in 1974 was the research beat reporter for Advertising Age, first published the Top 10 Report of U.S. Research Companies in Advertising Age.

The industry and this report have changed and grown substantially in 45 years, but there are many long-established and respected research institutions (some whose names have changed) included in this report that reflect the tradition as well as the transformation of our storied industry. 


The total research revenue for the top 50 companies in 2017 was $24.08 billion. More than 46% of that revenue, $11.24 billion, was generated in the U.S. while more than 53%, $12.83 billion, was generated outside the country. 


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Diane Bowers is president of CASRO, the trade association of market, social and opinion research organizations that represents and advocates for the U.S. research industry nationally and globally. Bowers currently is on the board of directors of The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at the University of Connecticut; a past president of the Market Research Council and the Research Industry Coalition; and a long-time member of AAPOR, the AMA and ESOMAR. She is a founder and CASRO leader of the Americas Research Industry Alliance and the Global Research Business Network, which represents 38 national research associations around the world.