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Staffing Strategies for Mid-size Companies

Staffing Strategies for Mid-size Companies

Sarah Steimer

Middle market companies can proactively address their workforce challenges with internal and external solutions

Mid-size companies are something of the middle child in the business family. The youngest children, entrepreneurs and startups, are doted on. The oldest, large, established companies, are first in line for resources or acknowledgement.

As many middle children would likely attest, the mid-size market role can feel a bit invisible.

The National Center for the Middle Market identified this out-of-sight, out-of-mind quality as a key reason the sector has struggled with workforce challenges. NCMM Managing Director Doug Farren says talent is consistently one of the top challenges identified by the 1,000 C-suite executives polled in the center’s quarterly middle market indicator survey.


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Sarah Steimer is the former managing editor of Marketing News. She may be reached on Twitter at @sarah_steimer.