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Volunteer pro bono consulting

Pro Bono Work Can Expand Skills, Experience

Amber McKenna

Volunteer pro bono consulting

One professional AMA chapter built a pro bono program to provide marketing services for its local nonprofit community

We all have that one daunting project that seems too time-consuming, too complicated and too cost-prohibitive, the project you wish you could hand off to someone else. With this in mind, the Portland, Oregon, chapter of the AMA (AMA PDX) created AMA PDX Agency, a program that aims to take those projects off the shoulders of nonprofits’ staff and place them in the hands of skilled marketing professionals.

A Partnership with Portland

In 2007, AMA PDX started a program called Community Outreach to pair groups of volunteers with nonprofits to provide pro bono marketing work. Last year, the program was rebranded as AMA PDX Agency to better represent the professional services provided by this initiative.

Teams of volunteers from AMA PDX work with local nonprofits to execute a six-month-long marketing project. Over the past 12 years, the program has completed a variety of marketing work for dozens of nonprofits by using the skills of more than 100 different volunteers. The agency is run by a pair of AMA PDX volunteer board members who oversee the entire process each year.

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Amber McKenna

Amber McKenna is president of AMA PDX and brand marketing manager at Nutraceutical.