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Office Goals: Nike Communications

Office Goals: Nike Communications

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Nike Communications Office

Nike Communications sought a redesigned space that reflects its lifestyle as a purveyor of luxury goods and refined tastes. Simultaneously, the 10,500 square-foot Manhattan office needed to inspire creativity and collaboration. 

Cork kitchen stools used in the agency’s new café are a clever nod to Nike Communication’s extensive roster of wine and spirits clients. The monochromatic palette leverages the office’s natural light. Bold black and white elements make the space feel crisp and clean. The agency’s collection of classic pieces are thoughtfully layered with contemporary designers, drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus. 


“If you know design, walking into the new office triggers a checklist of the greats: Le Corbusier, Mies van de Rohe, Prouve, Jacobsen, Saarinen, Wegner, Adnet and Eames,” says Justin Huxol, founder of HUXHUX Design. “The gang’s all here, but it’s executed in a way that feels at ease and extremely welcoming.”

An open office layout, composed of communal workspaces, shared work stations, a variety of lounge areas, nooks and break-out rooms foster conversation and team-building.

Interiors by Justin Huxol of HUXHUX Design for Homepolish